[vdr] AAC LATM audio issue on dvb-t israeli service

Barak Nahari naharib at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 01:43:18 CEST 2011

After allot of help from Klaus to understand what was wrong i got a big
Recording works in vdr with no issue at all, the recording do contain the
aac-latm audio.
After updating the vnsi server to last git and xbmc to last preEden build by
Lars Op den Kamp all the channel watchable but still no audio.
I'm no developer but i can read, on xbmc display it show that the audio is
mpeg2 (which is not) and on the vnsi server code it's seems that the default
is mpeg2audio.
So i decided to force vnsi server to use the aac demuxer when mpeg2 audio is
found, and at last i got audio working.

I've posted an issue on vnsi-server github with more info about it

As you can read this in the issue i'm not sure where the problem or how vdr
and it's plugin system works.
It can be on the vnsi server plugin as it may can't recognize the aac-latm
within the stream.
It can be on vdr side if vdr tells vnsi server that the audio is encoded as
Finaly it can be the trasport stream itself that misconfigured and have some
marker indicate the audio as mpeg2.
As my knowledge in mpeg2 ts and my analyzing skill are very limited i add
the stream saved with tsreader so you may analyze it and also recording made
by vdr.



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