[vdr] FreeviewHD success with Nanostick 290e

Laz laz at club-burniston.co.uk
Fri Aug 19 11:16:57 CEST 2011

On Friday 19 Aug 2011, Stuart Morris wrote:
> Hi
> I too have just acquired a 290e and I am having difficulty getting it
> to work with VDR. Apart from the flakey driver at the moment,
> 'seeding' VDR's channel.conf is difficult. I tried using w_scan like
> this:
> w_scan -c GB -o 7 -I my_init_tune_file
> My tuning file (UK Sandy Heath) contained 1 line like this:
> T 474166670 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM256 32k 1/32 NONE
> w_scan produced this:
> HD;BBC:474166670:I999B8C23D0M998T999G32Y0:T:27500:101:0:0:0:17472:0:0:
> 0 BBC One
> HD;BBC:474166670:I999B8C23D0M998T999G32Y0:T:27500:6601:0:0:0:17540:0:0
> :0 ITV1
> HD;ITV:474166670:I999B8C23D0M998T999G32Y0:T:27500:201:0:0:0:17603:0:0:
> 0 Channel 4 HD;CHANNEL
> FOUR:474166670:I999B8C23D0M998T999G32Y0:T:27500:301:0:0:0:17664:0:0:0
> However, VDR uses the first available tuning device when one of these
> channels is selected, which happens to be a DVB-T device and not the
> 290e DVB-T2 device.
> Is this a problem with channels.conf or do I need to use a later
> version of VDR? I am currently using VDR 1.7.15.
> Laz how exactly did you 'seed' your channels.conf?

I did have a go at modifying the output from w_scan and appending it to my 
channels.conf but it kept choking on it (probably my fault!).

What I did was go to the channel list from within vdr and created a new 
channel with the correct frequency for the HD mux. I think the only other 
thing I changed was to set QAM256 and as many things as possible to auto.

I then switched to that channel. Shortly afterwards, vdr had picked up the 
proper channels and added them to channels.conf. All I then had to do was 
delete the fake channel I created.

This was with vdr-1.7.19 (currently running happily with 1.7.20): don't 
ask me whether anyhting drastic has changed since vdr-1.7.15 but you could 
check dvbdevice.c to see if QAM256 is defined in it.

My 290e doesn't seem to want to tune to anything but the HD mux if I use 
scan, w_scan, etc. I will try again from withing vdr later on this 
evening. It's not really a problem for me if it refuses to tune to a DVB-T 
mux and only the DVB-T2 HD one: I've got another 4 DVB devices for the 
DVB-T channels!


I've just installed the eepg plugin and updated my config files for 
tv_grab_uk_rt to include the HD channels.

It might be time to seriously consider a new output device...


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