[vdr] epgsearch plugin memory leak

Richard F lists at keynet-technology.com
Sat Aug 20 12:18:48 CEST 2011


[ Apologies for using this list - the epgsearch bugtracker is broken ]

I've been tracking down memory leaks on my server and narrowed down a 
significant leak in the epgsearch plugin
Approx 500 megs / week is lost - recovered by restarting vdr.  I'd like 
to reduce this obviously.
I updated from 0.9.24 to 0.9.25 beta 22 from git as a fix for a memory 
leak was mentioned in the changelog, but the leak is still about the 
same.  If I remove the plugin from the command line, there is no 
significant leak.  Attached plot shows.

Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks Richard

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