[vdr] [feature request] recording length computation and storage

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Sun Aug 21 15:45:18 CEST 2011

On 19.08.2011 23:56, Steffen Barszus wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Aug 2011 22:18:03 +0200
> Udo Richter<udo_richter at gmx.de>  wrote:
>> Am 19.08.2011 15:30, schrieb Steffen Barszus:
>>>>>> On 08/19/11 11:46, Steffen Barszus wrote:
>>>>>>> i would like to request, that
>>>>>>> vdr is storing the length of a recording and make it accessible
>>>>>>> to the plug-ins.
>>> Where it gets stored is not my point, that it can be served from in
>>> meory data read by ScanVideoDir is my point.
>>> - read&compute by the core
>>> - dont access harddisk for known recordings
>>> - dont do it multiple times, if more then one part of vdr wants to
>>> know it.
>>> If its only in memory and read by the scanner its fine with me.
>>> for medium to large recording base we speak about minutes not
>>> milliseconds for reading that data.
>> Maybe some kind of caching mechanism, but please don't calculate the
>> length every time while doing the scan of the video directory. The
>> directory scanner is already slow enough, no need to add these minutes
>> to it.
> It's slow since it needs to iterate through all recordings
> and check file size of the index file (thats what i understand from
> Klaus comment), so divide that by number of frames of the recording and
> thats it. the directory scanner is anyway doing the same (iterating
> the video directory and pick up necessary information). So it wouldn't
> add anything substantially.

Would the attached patch work for you?
Line numbers may be off a little.

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