[vdr] [PATCH] for cards like Cine-C/T with multiple frontends but only one shared demux/dvr

L. Hanisch dvb at flensrocker.de
Thu Nov 10 00:02:24 CET 2011


  Since the driver doesn't allow to create only the frontend of the desired delivery type, here's a patch for 
cDvbDevice. If there's no demux/dvr device with the frontend number it looks for one with a lower number.
  Now it's possible to use "-D 0" for DVB-C or "-D 1" for DVB-T (change device numbers to your setup).

  Of course the dynamite-plugin can also be used. Just set "dynamite_attach=no" at the unwanted frontend with a udev 
rule (please look at the dynamite README).

  It's not really tested, since I have not such a card, but the patch is almost trivial. Feedback is welcome.

  I hope the dvb/v4l developers will someday agree on a standard layout for hybrid tuners...

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