[vdr] perfect little vdr client hardware

Henning Pingel henning at henningpingel.de
Fri Sep 9 14:25:30 CEST 2011

 Am Freitag, den 09.09.2011, 14:11 +0200 schrieb Torgeir Veimo 
 <torgeir at netenviron.com>:
> The netv from chumby seems to be perfect as a hardware client to VDR,
> if it can decode mpeg2/h.264. Does anyone here know any more about
> this product? It seems to be fairly open, and based on an embedded
> linux distro.
> http://wiki.chumby.com/index.php/NeTV_developer_info


 From what I read about it yesterday I had the impression that it can be 
 used for displaying "anything but videos" on top of the external sources 
 picture (that - by the way - can't come from an internal tuner 
 integrated in the TV).
 "Anything but videos" IMHO means: Web pages, photos, rss news, its own 

 So IMHO it's not meant to be used as a video player / video streaming 
 device like - for example these upcoming devices:


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