[vdr] Updated patch for vdr 1.7.22 in gentoo

Marc vdr at ekass.net
Tue Jan 3 09:29:42 CET 2012

On 03/01/2012 00:16, René wrote:
> On 03.01.2012 1:00 , Marc wrote:
>> I don't have livebuffer in the menu. I activated the livebuffer by
>> setting 'Pause key handling' to 'Timeshit'.
> Ok, is this something you have to manually edit in setup.conf? I don't 
> have this option in the setup for recording.. Here i have only "pause 
> live video", "do not pause live video" and "confirm pause live video"..
It's probably because the patch is not applied, this option is added in 
the menu by it. You should have something like this when you compile vdr :
  * Unifdef sources 
...                                                   [ ok ]

  * Applying local patches
  * Applying livebuffer-1.7.22.patch 
...                                  [ ok ]
 >>> Source prepared.
> Do you btw have to press pause to activate livebuffer, or can you just 
> press rewind in the middle of playback? In the 1.6.x patch i don't 
> have to press pause, i just press rewind..
I checked and yes, the patch still works like this. I can either use 
pause or rewind.
> Regards,
> René
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