[vdr] [PATCH v2] multi-frontend-support for vdr 1.7.21

Lars Hanisch dvb at flensrocker.de
Sun Jan 8 20:45:44 CET 2012


Am 08.01.2012 02:09, schrieb Hawes, Mark:
> Hi Lars,
> I have got the sc plugin working with your hybrid patch v2 and
> introduced the premium card and all is working well.
> Are you planning any more revisions to the patch? Or at least a 1.7.22
> version?

  Not really, because the driver changes introduced by Manu are on its way into linux-media. After that only one 
frontend will be left and new ioctls are there to switch between delivery systems.
  Rumours say Klaus is working on it for vdr 1.7.23... :-)

  But if you like, you can send me your changes. I'm curious about them.


> Thanks,
> Mark.
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> Hi Lars,
> First reports on v2 of your multi-frontend patch with HVR 4000 card:
>    - can switch between both frontends successfully and very stable with
> repetitive tests
>    - timer behaviour as expected
>    - switching response seems quicker than before
>    - Streamdev and xineliboutput plugins compile OK. Xlo tested OK, will
> look at Sd later
>    - Have modified Rotor plugin to fit (maintaining personal version) and
> all seems OK
>    - Working through sc plugin changes to fit.
> If I can get the sc plugin working I'll move across a sd premium card
> into the mix and see how it behaves, watch this space ...
> While this is all good obviously things will no doubt change when Klaus
> releases 2.x with the new multi-frontend adapter handling. However,
> reading between the lines this may not be in the immediate future so an
> interim workaround  for these cards is appreciated by me and I expect
> others ...
> Thanks and keep up the good work.
> Mark.
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> Subject: [vdr] [PATCH v2] multi-frontend-support for vdr 1.7.21
> Hi,
>    Here's version 2 of my multi-frontend-patch. It's still "dirty", since
> it changes the constructor of cDvbDevice which will break compilation of
> some plugins. But I think it might be necessary to look at the relevant
> plugins since they might need to react on frontend changes. I haven't
> tested any of those plugins but will have a look at some that I'm using.
> Maybe there have to be some virtual functions like
> "BeforeFrontendSwitch" and "AfterFrontendSwitch" so the plugins are even
> able to know about it.
>    Assumption for this patch:
>    All frontends within one adapter have to be used mutually exclusive.
> All cards I know behave in this way. If there are cards with multiple
> frontends which can be used simultaneously I'd like to hear about it.
>    Whenever the dvb-api-changes are upstream (the ENUM_DELSYS thingy) I
> think my patch can easily be converted to use that.
>    I'm still working on this patch, it's not finished yet... :-)
>    Have fun,
> Lars.
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