[vdr] shouldn't a vdr recording pause during status 3 flag?

Lou tuxoholic at hotmail.de
Sat Jan 14 15:21:22 CET 2012

Thanks for pointing this out. That explains some of the problems I 
experienced with vps timers:

Consider this:

timer #1 scheduled for 22:20-22:50 - no pdc time defined by the 
broadcaster, so vps time is set to 22:20.

timer #2 scheduled for the following event (22:50-23:20) , but uses a 
pdc time of 22:20. Both events are not related -> there's no interest in 
combining these two events like it's done with sports.

You see the problem? vdr won't let you set vps-timer #1 AND #2 , you'll 
have to switch one of them to manual.

This happens occasionally - I assume it's partly the broadcaster's fault 
for choosing pdc 22:20 instead of something else like 22:30, but vdr 
could figure this out using event ids as a second marker. This could add 
some more flexibility to vps programming.

On 14.01.2012 13:16, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> The idea behind giving these three events the same PDC time *is* to
> have all three of them recorded ;-)
> VDR doesn't take event ids into account when handling VPS recordings.

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