[vdr] who is the actual Maintainer of vdr-plugin-yaepg?

Joerg Bornkessel ml at websitec.de
Sun Jul 8 17:36:25 CEST 2012

Hallo Listusers,

latetest version of this plugin is vdr-yaepg-0.0.9
hosted by
there is no info to contakt the maintainer,
btw. the contakt link results in a not available page

I have fixed/converted the plugin to use language handling by
note: i18n handling is obsolet from vdr-1.7.27

i need the ok from the actuell maintainer to release
vdr-yaepg-0.0.10, or send him the patch between 0.0.9 and 0.0.10
he can releas it

Joerg Bornkessel
mailto:ml at websitec.de

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