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Придворов Андрей (Pridvorov Andrey) ua0lnj at bk.ru
Wed Jul 18 12:27:28 CEST 2012


Iptv plugin use "frequency" as unique enumeration for channels. In readme is
a some limitations:


-Multiple channels with identical service id should have frequency

  difference of 4 or greater. It's recommended to use frequencies in decades

  (10, 20, 30, 40, ...) for all IPTV channel entries.


I try use iptv channel with this parameters: 

PLANET;DSV:20170:S=1|P=1|F=UDP|U=|A=2020:I:0:1101=2:1102=rus at 4:0:6

Ip address is and I set frequency 20170.


Frequency = 20170, and "int cChannel::Transponder(void) const" function
return 20, but not 20170.

In result, PAT changing pids on incorrect channel, because function


"cChannel *Channel = Channels.GetByServiceID(Source(), Transponder(),


"void cPatFilter::Process(u_short Pid, u_char Tid, const u_char *Data, int

works incorrect too.


I suggest to write a limitation for max frequency = 20000 in iptv readmy, or
change int cChannel::Transponder(void) const, so it works correct with iptv
plugin (and may be other plugins).



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