[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.7.24

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Mon Mar 5 09:02:56 CET 2012

On 05.03.2012 04:47, Gero wrote:
> On Sunday 04 March 2012 - 22:51:36, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 04.03.2012 19:04, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
>>> ...
>>> A problem I have run into before is not that a channel is down, though
>>> that also happens, but that a tuner is down. I've had tuner crashes, but
>>> vdr just stayed with that tuner/chanel and recorded nothing. I currently
>>> have 5 ATA tuners. 2 Dual tuner cards and a single.
>> Didn't VDR report a "video data stream broken" and perform a restart?
> That problem coincides with my problem of recordings with length 0 and filesize
> of few megabytes. Didn't know that it comes from a crashed tuner.
> If I remember right, there was no "video data stream broken" message and after
> enabling the automatic shutdown I realized, that the vdr waits until no
> recording is active before initiating the restart.
> So the automatic restart did not really help anything, especially in
> environments, where multiple parallel recordings are most probably to happen.

It doesn't matter whether there is only one or multiple recordings.
Whenever a "video data stream broken" occurs, VDR performs an immediate
"emergency exit" (unless you turned that off, but then you're on
your own). So if a tuner doesn't deliver any more data, VDR restarts
and reloads the driver (provided you use a properly set up "runvdr"


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