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Dear Tobias,

this was just my vision of a Client/Server capable VDR concept. I felt urged to sketch this user friendly concept, after a similar (horrible) discussion here on mailing list, where developer did discuss complex solutions just for developers.

I don't have the ability to provide a fork and honestly don't want to have one. It would rather be cool if some of the ideas become part within the one and only VDR.

But I don't know if Klaus does have a sneek view into this vision at all, it's up to him. This wasn't a claim, just a sketched design study how an upcoming Client/Server capable VDR could look like on the surface. The details under the hood are far away from being specified. So, don't wait for it, even if it comes (partly) it will be a version 2.2 or further, please let Klaus finish 2.0 with all the good new features and HD capability, finally.

Thanks to all, it seems the ideas did found some fellower.


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Hello list,

this topic seems very interesting. I think it's overdue in times a lot of software is client/server oriented to conform the vdr.
Are there any plans how to start with this project? Will the maintainer of vdr support this or will there be a fork?

Tobias Hachmer

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