[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.7.31

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Sun Sep 30 15:41:14 CEST 2012

VDR developer version 1.7.31 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous version is available at


MD5 checksums:

a3edd18a352465dd26c97c1990f7bcfd  vdr-1.7.31.tar.bz2
32ff98697d1b383478a6e1932e4afc9c  vdr-1.7.30-1.7.31.diff


This is a *developer* version. Even though *I* use it in my productive
environment. I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
conditions and for testing and debugging.

The default skin "LCARS" displays the signal strengths and qualities of
all devices in its main menu. For devices that have an stb0899 frontend chip
(like the TT-budget S2-3200) retrieving this information from the driver is
rather slow, which results in a sluggish response to user input in the main
menu. To speed this up you may want to apply the patches from


to the LinuxDVB driver source.

The changes since version 1.7.30:

- If regenerating an index file fails and no data is written to the file, VDR now
   reports this error and removes the empty index file.
- The setup parameter "Recording/Instant rec. time (min)" can now be set to '0',
   which means to record only the currently running event (based on a patch from Matti
- Decreased the ring buffer put/get trigger sizes from 1/3 to 1/10.
- The script given to VDR with the '-r' option is now also called whenever a
   recording is deleted (thanks to Alexander Wenzel).
- Improved detecting frames in MPEG 4 video (reported by Andrey Pridvorov).
- cPatPmtParser::ParsePmt() now also recognizes stream type 0x81 as "AC3", so that
   recordings that have been converted from the old PES format to TS can be played
   (suggested by Jens Vogel).
- Fixed a leftover frame counter in the LCARS skin's replay display after jumping to
   an editing mark and resuming replay.
- The new class cIoThrottle is used to allow I/O intense threads to temporarily
   suspend their activities in case buffers run full (suggested by Torsten Lang).
   Currently the cutter thread is suspended if the TS or Recorder buffer use more
   than 50% of their capacity. Plugin authors may want to participate in this
   mechanism if they use intense background I/O.
- Increased the size of the TS buffer to 5MB and that of the Recorder buffer to
   20MB to better handle HD recordings (suggested by Torsten Lang).
- Moved cleaning up the EPG data and writing the epg.data file into a separate
   thread to avoid sluggish response to user input on slow systems (based on a patch from
   Sören Moch).
- Fixed sorting folders before recordings in case of UTF-8 (thanks to Sören Moch).
- Reactivated stripping control characters from EPG texts and adapted it to UTF-8.
- Added missing decrementing of 'len' in libsi/si.c's String::decodeText() functions.
- When checking whether a video directory is empty, file names that start with a
   dot ('.') are no longer automatically ignored and implicitly removed if the directory
   contains no other files. Instead, RemoveEmptyDirectories() now has an additional
   parameter that can be given a list of files that shall be ignored when considering
   whether a directory is empty. This allows users to continue to use files such as
   ".keep" to prevent a directory from being deleted when it is empty. Currently the
   only file name that is ignored is ".sort".

Have fun!


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