[vdr] VDR 2.3.9: a few last minute fixes and last call for translations!

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Mon Apr 9 14:44:38 UTC 2018

VDR version 2.3.9 is about to be released as stable 2.4.0 on April 15!
The archive can be found here:


(this is still the same as in my announcement dated March 18).

I have posted a few last minute fixes at


(don't worry about the German descriptions, just download the "vdr-2.3.9-*.diff"
files attached to each posting and apply them in order.

The following language files still have the given number of untranslated texts:

po/ar.po: 76
po/ca_ES.po: 76
po/cs_CZ.po: 22
po/da_DK.po: 208
po/el_GR.po: 271
po/es_ES.po: 22
po/et_EE.po: 7
po/fr_FR.po: 22
po/hr_HR.po: 208
po/hu_HU.po: 22
po/lt_LT.po: 22
po/nl_NL.po: 22
po/nn_NO.po: 336
po/pt_PT.po: 104
po/ro_RO.po: 22
po/ru_RU.po: 10
po/sk_SK.po: 22
po/sl_SI.po: 77
po/sr_RS.po: 76
po/sv_SE.po: 22
po/tr_TR.po: 208
po/zh_CN.po: 76

If nobody takes care of these, they will remain untranslated in version 2.4.0.


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