[vdr] powersaving with satip pluging

Dieter Bloms vdr at bloms.de
Sun Apr 29 06:49:22 UTC 2018


I've a vdrserver running with vdr 2.3.8 and satip plugin 2.3.1-GIT-e008ee0.
It works great with a minisatip server 0.7.15.
But it keeps the connection to the minisatip server open all the time,
so the dvb adapter and lnb consumes power every time. 

I added the parameter "--detach" to the satip plugin.
And now the connection to the minisatip will be closed when the satip
plugin goes in idle mode as expected.
But now, if a recording should started, nothing happens.
The satip plugin doesn't open a connection to my minisatipserver and I miss
the recordings.

My config looks like this:



and the setup.conf part of satip:

satip.CICAM = 0 0
satip.DisabledFilters =
satip.DisabledSources =
satip.EnableCIExtension = 0
satip.EnableEITScan = 1
satip.OperatingMode = 3
satip.TransportMode = 0

Can anybody see where I do the mistake ?



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