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With the lnbsharing patch two or more DVB cards can be connected to one satellite cable (LNB output) without disturbing each other.

This patch makes sure, that cards using the same LNB also always using the same polarisation and the same frequency domain. This prevents illegitimate channels switching during recordings.


The patch was rewritten to allow a more flexible configuration.

  • The old versions are named lnb_sharing_vdr-<VERSION>.patch
  • The new versions are named configurableLNBshare-VDR_<VERSION>.patch

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

  • patch

Applying the patch

If the patch is compressed you have to unpack it before

gunzip patch

Now you can install it with

patch -p 1 < /path/to/patch

Note, VDR has to be recompiled now, see VDR installation.


In the Setup menu of VDR, one can give all DVB cards a LNB-number, those with the same number are sharing the same LNB.



[1] http://xn--ltzke-jua.de/dvb/VDR_LNB_sharing_patch Patch download
[2] http://www.joachim-wilke.de Patch download