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Author: Helmut Auer

Plugin for adminstrative Tasks, i.e.

  • read && modify config files
  • Start / Stop of Tasks
  • de-/activate plugin, modify their start sequence (VDR restart needed)

All scripts and config files are expected to be in $VDRCONFIG/plugins/admin.


Last Update 05/2008



Syntax of config file.

# <script>:<name>:<value>:<type>:<length|default>:<choices>:<description>:

Type is one of A,I,B or L as follows:

  length  - length in bytes
  choices - valid chars

  default - default value (not used from plugin)
  choices - minValue,maxValue
            d.h. 0,5 means values 0..5

  default - default value (not used from plugin)
  choices - value1,value2

  default - default value (not used from plugin)
  choices - value1,value2.....valueN

Valid lines in admin.conf starts with:

"/" - Variable ( with / begins the skript name )

":" - Submenu (if a Name follows ':', then this one is the submenu name,
      a single ':' ends the current submenu.
      Rekursive Submenus are not supported, ie. a new submenu ends
      the current one.

"-" - comment as shown in OSD

All other lines are silently ignored. :-)

See folder ../gentoo for a bunch of examples.

The dvdconvert-plugin is also based on admin, therefore you can peek there for examples too.

Version History

Version Date Description Link
0.8.0 01.05.2008
  • Switch from i18n to gettext for vdr-1.5.x

See also

Admin-Plugin on Gen2VDR

Current Version

Version 0.8.0


  1. Plugins Homepage
  2. Mirror