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The analogtv plugin makes it possible to use analog TV with VDR. The DVB card is used as output device. For VDR, the analogtv plugin behaves like a DVB budget card.

Supported are analog-TV cards (with or without hardware MPEG encoder) and video-grabber cards. So not only a TV tuner can be used, one can record from webcams or VCRs as well.

If you use an ivtv based TV card, you may use one of the other plugins as well: Category:AnalogTV

Hardware requirements

  • analog TV card (BTTV or ivtv driver)
  • realtime MPEG encoder: hardware (e.g. Hauppauge PVR250/350) or software

Software requirements

  • Software MPEG encoder if no supported hardware encoder is present
  • For the PVR250/350 the newest drivers are needed.
  • libdvb
  • Video4Linux2 (v4l2)
  • ALSA sound driver


There are two changes to libdvb. First, in libdvbmpeg/transform.c replace

static void pes_in_ts(p2p *p)


void pes_in_ts(p2p *p)

and in dvb-mpegtools/Makefile replace

install -m 755 dvb_show_image $(PREFIX)/bin/


install -m 755 show_dvb_image $(PREFIX)/bin/

Now libdvb can be installed

tar xvzf libdvb-<VERSION>.tar.gz
cd libdvb-<VERSION>
make install

For the rest of the installation see the README file and See plugin installation.


  • For ivtv > 0.1.9, set VPID=301 and APID=300 in the channels.conf
  • If analogtv plugin compilation fails with a "ISO C++ forbids cast to non-reference type used as lvalue" error, then edit the Makefile in PLUGINS/src/analogtv and comment out the line "HAVE_FAST_MEMCPY = 1"


cvs login
cvs -z3 co analogtv


[1] Plugin homepage
[2] Projekt site on Sourceforge
[3] HOWTO for Hauppauge PVR250 und 350
[4] (new) IVTV driver
[5] Libdvb
[6] channels.conf analogue channels.conf examples for analogue TV
[7] freqlist PAL-europe List of all pal-europe frequencies