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This plugin controls an attached cdrom drive to play audio CDs. The cdrom drive must be connected to the line-in connector of your DVB or sound card. It only controls your cdrom drive.

The OSD displays only the track which is played and the total number of tracks on the disk.


Key Description
Right, FastFwd Fast forward (5 sec.)
Left, FastRew Fast backward (5 sec.)
Up Next track
Down Previous track
Play Play/Resume
Pause Pause/Resume
Green Toggle repeat mode (disabled, track or disc)
Yellow Toggle shuffle mode
0...9 Jump to track entered
Ok Toggle display

Hardware requirements

  • CD drive
  • Audio cable
  • (possibly sound card)

Software requirements

  • libcdaudio >= 0.99.9


See plugin installation.



This are the commandline parameter for the plugin.

Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-d DEV --device=DEV set device (default: /dev/cdrom)


[1] http://mail.pad.zuken.de/~alex/vdr Plugin homepage
[2] http://libcdaudio.sourceforge.net libcdaudio homepage