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Author: Sascha Volkenandt

The burn plugin lets you choose the recordings you want to burn as DVD, automatically creates menus and finally burns the DVD. If the recordings are too big in size, they are requantizised to save space.


Last Update 12/2011

DVD Types

Video DVD with menu

The created DVD shows a start screen, listing all recordings. Each recording has a submenu showing it's EPG info.

Video DVD with menu

The created DVB starts immediately, without having a start screen.

Archive DVD

A non-standard DVD.


A DVD playable on all standard players, which includes a few extra files. Together with the Dvdarchive-patch, VDR handles this DVD like its usual recordings.


Hardware requirements

  • DVD writer (optional)
  • 10GB free HDD space for converting recordings in background (~3x recording size)

Software requirements

  • VDRsync
  • Project X (z.B. or newer)
    • jre
    • common-net
    • jakarta-oro
  • M2VRequantiser, transcode with --enable-deprecated or requant_lxdvdrip (vdrburn-dvd.sh needs to be modified)
  • libgd
    • expat
  • dvdauthor
    • libxml
  • growisofs
  • mkisofs
  • mjpegtools
  • eject
  • genindex
  • pxsup2dast (optional for closed capture)
  • boost



DDVDDEV=/dev/dvd DVD-Burn device (= Parameter -D --dvd=<DEV>)
ISODIR=/video path for ISO images (= Parameter -i <DIR> --iso=<DIR>)
datadir=/tmp path for temporal Files during Demux/Mux/creating ISOs (= Parameter -d <DIR> --datadir <DIR> )
tempdir=/tmp path for temporal Files during Demux/Mux/creating ISOs (= Parameter -d <DIR> --datadir <DIR> )
DEBUG=1 be verbose


Add the following entry to your reccmds.conf

Mark for DVD-Writer: /usr/bin/burnmark.sh -add
Delete Mark        : /usr/bin/burnmark.sh -del


Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-d DIR --datadir=DIR use DIR for temporary files (default: /dev/dvd)
-D DEV --dvd=DEV use DEV as DVD Writer (default /dev/dvd)
-i DIR --iso=DIR use DIR to store ISO images (default: none)


Vdrsync is no longer developed and makes trouble with AC3 audio. In case of trouble with AC3, AC3 should be disabled or Project X used instead.

Sometimes Demux fails for ceertain file names, if wrong Project X version is in use. Version 0.90.3 should work.

  • Version 0.1.0 pre21-15 (current)has problem, if no dvd burner is found:
    • The Job settings show only option "Burn DVD" instead of "Create ISO" and is unchangable.
  • demux may fail, if projectx was not started once before by hand, because it expects its license to be accepted.

Wish list

Version History

Version Date Description Link
0.2.0 28.12.2011
  • fixed display of help keys in recordings menu when first entry is a directory (reported by Keine_Ahnung@vdr-portal.de)
  • added support for DMH Archive DVD with old video dir format (thanks to Keine_Ahnung@vdr-portal.de)
  • added support for dvdauthor 0.7.0 by exporting VIDEO_FORMAT
0.2.0-beta7 08.10.2011
  • fixed compiling on VDR 1.6
  • adapted to VDR 1.7.20 and removed erroneously introduced dependency on liemikuutio patch
  • removed video fifo which was only required by vdrsync.pl
  • removed deprecated direct member access if compiled with VDR 1.7.21+
  • fixed indention of folders in recording menu
  • adapted recordings menu to VDR 1.7.21 layout
  • fixed status menu updates
  • outsourced settings for Project X to vdrburn-dvd.conf (thanks to Keine_Ahnung@vdr-portal.de for the idea and code snippets)
0.2.0-beta6 08.08.2011
  • fixed building with ENABLE_DMH_ARCHIVE=1 (thanks to Ville Skyttä, bug #475)
  • Finnish translation update (provided by Ville Skyttä, feature #473)
  • Use /dev/dvdrw as writer device by default (suggested by Ville Skyttä, feature #474)
  • changed shell of vdrburn-dvd.sh from sh to bash (reported by tefans@vdr-portal.de)
  • fixed subtitles definition in DVDs without menus
  • updated Italian translation (thanks to Diego Pierotto, feature #492)
  • added Slovak translation (feature #557)
  • fixed resource leak in scanner.c and pes.c
  • do no longer hide H.264 recordings but display them unselectable (there might still be some older recordings
  • which are not recognized as H.264 recordings if the component descriptor in the info file is uncorrect)
  • fixed unneccesssary relinking with "make all" (bug #482)
  • added default setting if subtitles should be used (caution: default is NO)
  • fixed renaming of spumux file for son subtitles
  • changed default Datadir to /tmp
  • added ionice -c 3 to all disk intensive tasks in vdrburn-dvd.sh
  • fixed invoking of vdrsync.pl if previously selected, removed remaining code (thanks to Ville Skyttä, bug #476, and copperhead@vdr-portal.de)
  • filter out streams which consist only of filler bytes (used as place holder PIDs)
  • track editor page has now a title to avoid crash of remoteosd plugin (thanks to mane77@vdr-portal.de for debugging)
  • refactored help key and ProcessKey of building menu
  • added recording length (in minutes) to recordings menu
  • fixed possible segfault in status display
0.2.0-beta5 12.12.2010
  • updated DMH archive part of vdrburn-dvd/-archive.sh (thanks to copperhead@vdr-portal.de)
  • made DMH archive optional via compile switch. Enable with ENABLE_DMH_ARCHIVE=1 (thanks to copperhead@vdr-portal.de)
  • replaced offsetof by __builtin_ofsetof in scanner.c as it caused problems on some distris (suggested by TomJoad@vdr-portal.de)
  • removed support for burning CDs (DVD structures on CD-R)
  • removed support for vdrsync.pl, use Project X instead
  • added 100MB spare space in requant factor calculation to avoid oversized ISO images
  • allowed all chars of VDR locale for titels
  • fixed renamed menu names being ignored (reported by mahlzeit@vdr-portal.de)
  • added recording title to track edit menu
  • converted all po files to UTF-8 (thanks to Ville Skyttä for the fi patch which led to that)
0.2.0-beta-4 23.05.2010
  • Videotext-UT Seitenberechung korrigiert (Danke an Petri Helin)
  • Untertitel-Verarbeitung (DVB- und Videotext-UT) in die Standardverarbeitung integriert
  • ignoriere Aufzeichnungen im Auswahlmenü, die H.264 Kodierung haben ("X 5 ..." in info(.vdr))
  • Niederländische Übersetzung hinzugefügt (Danke an Carel Willemse)
0.2.0-beta-3 10.04.2010
  • Schneiden von PES-Aufnahmen korrigiert (Danke an caps! für die Meldung und Hilfe bei der Fehlersuche)
0.2.0-beta-2 05.04.2010
  • Unterstüztung für das ttxtsub Plugin 0.2.0+ (ältere Versionen sind nicht mehr unterstützt), wird beim Kompilieren automatisch erkannt
  • ital. Übersetzungen hinzugefügt (Danke an Diego Pierotto)
  • es werden nun Meldungen ins syslog geschrieben, wo das Logfile dvd.log gefunden werden kann
  • Make.global von VDR 1.7.13+ wird berücksichtigt
  • Absturz beseitigt wenn keine Spureninfos in info(.vdr) vorhanden sind (gemeldet von TEDDYXXL@vdr-portal.de)
  • Spuren, die im PMT beschrieben sind aber keine TS-Paket enthalten werden ignoriert (gemeldet von lini@vdr-portal.de)
  • Memory Leak beseitigt, das unter seltenen Umständen auftritt und zügig allen verfügbaren Speicher (und mehr) auffrisst
  • Laden der Schnittmarken für PES-Aufnahmen korrigiert (VDR 1.6.0 und 1.7.x)
  • Längenberechnung für Aufnahmen mit ungerader Anzahl von Schnittmarken korrigiert
0.2.0-beta-1 22.02.2010
  • Zeilenumbruch der Menüs neu geschrieben
  • Den Untertitel der info(.vdr) Datei im Menü hinzugefügt (S-Eintrag)
  • locale setting entfernt (überschreibt sonst die VDR locale settings)
  • Unterstützung für mehrere SON-Untertitel (Danke an Mikko Tuumanen)
  • keine Unterstützung mehr für VDR Versionen vor 1.6.0
  • TS Stream Erkennung volltändig neu geschrieben
  • Unterstüztung für lxdvdrip Requantizer hinzugefügt
  • DVB-Untertitel Unterstützung für VDR 1.7.11+ hinzugefügt
  • Videotext-Untertitel Unterstützung für VDR 1.7.11+ (mit tpid-Parser-Patch für VDR) hinzugefügt
0.1.0-pre22-ff1 27.06.2009
  • Burn-Plugin mit VDR 1.7.7+ und TS-Aufnahmen kompatibel
  • vdr-burn-0.1.0-pre22_i18n-gettext.diff.gz (für UTF8-Support im OSD) enthalten
  • vdr-burn-0.1.0-pre21-gcc43.diff (Fixes zum Kompilieren unter GCC 4.3) enthalten
  • vdr-burn-0.1.0-pre21-requantfactor.diff (korrigiert die Berechnung des Requantfaktors zur besseren Ausnutzung der DVDs) enthalten
  • vdr-burn-0.1.0-pre21-menu.diff (korrigiert SkipTitlemenu/SkipMainmenu Tippfehler) enthalten
  • vdr-burn-0.1.0pre21-missingvob.diff.gz (verbessert DVD-Player Kompaibilität durch dummy-VOB bei DVDs ohne Titlemenu) enthalten
  • vdr-burn-0.1.0-pre21-charset-vdr-1.5.diff (korrigiert Umlaute in DVD-Menüs bei UTF-8 Systemen) enthalten
0.0.10 11.06.2006
  • zwei kleine Fehler in j obs.c korrigiert, die einen coredump bei der Menüerstellung verursachen konnten (ohne daß dies aber bislang "aus der Praxis" gemeldet worden wäre, d.h. selten)
  • die Erstellung vernünftiger Titel-Untermenüs auch bei fehlender info.vdr bzw. summary.vdr integriert (danke an LordJaxom für die Schloßführung durch Burg Burnstein großes Grinsen )
  • die Dokumentation aktualisiert ("README, oh yes, please do!")
0.0.009-TEN 16.04.2006
  • ProjectX-Einbindung in beiden Versionen (ersetzt vdrsync.pl)
  • Stabiles Multiplexing, auch bei Aufnahmen mit AC3-Tonspur (Abstürze beim Demuxen oder plötzliche VDR-Neustarts waren bisher mit der neuen Version nicht mehr zu beobachten)
  • Splitting in getrennte Tonspuren durch Schlüsselwort ||Zweikanalton SpracheLinks/SpracheRechts in info.vdr zur jeweiligen Aufnahme (vor allem für deutschsprachige öffentlich-rechtliche Sender erforderlich - ARD&Dritte, ZDF, SF1&2)
  • Vollständige und sinnvoll sortierte Übernahme aller Tonspuren
  • Seitenverhältnis (aspect ratio) 16:9 durch Schlüsselwort ||Widescreen in info.vdr zur jeweiligen Aufnahme erzwingbar (sozusagen passend zu Ostern eine "Anti-Eierkopf-Option"Augenzwinkern )
  • DVD-Menüs mit vollständiger Datenübernahme aus den info.vdr-Dateien, Steuerzeichenumsetzung, und erweiterter Darstellung in korrigiertem Layout
  • Frühzeitiges "Abräumen" großer, nicht mehr benötigter Dateien, insbesondere der Gigabyte-schweren movie.mpg
  • Brennfunktionen dürften nun eigentlich überhaupt nicht mehr "stehenbleiben"
0.0.009 - by ralf@bj-ig.de 13.11.2005
  • fixed invalid check for not existing iso dir
  • added config file for vdrburn.sh - thanks Lucian Muresan
0.0.008 - by ralf@bj-ig.de 12.11.2005
  • hotfix - missed name of default burnscript
0.0.007 - by ralf@bj-ig.de 11.11.2005
  • fixed invalid error message after burn - thanks Ville Skyttä
  • fixed german spelling error - thanks Helmut Auer
  • fixed duplicate call of cutsize in burnmark.sh - thanks Helmut Auer
  • run indent
  • save store mode
  • can review items in burn list now
  • changed naming scheme - thanks Sascha Volkenandt
  • several changes to user interface
  • added "--script" command line option - thanks Thomas Günther
  • added compatibility patch for older vdr versions - thanks Thomas Günther
  • create ISO-directory when not existent - thanks Thomas Günther
  • made number of j obs after which the plugins starts to clean up a configuration option
0.0.6k - by ralf@bj-ig.de 01.11.2005
  • added finish translations - thanks Ville Skyttä
  • fixed command line parsing bug - thanks Ville Skyttä
0.0.6j - by ralf@bj-ig.de 31.10.2005
  • UTF8 patch - (doesn't work yet - disabled) - thanks Oleg
  • added spanish translation - thanks Jose Alberto Reguero
  • added store only mode - thanks Lucian Muresan
  • added romanian translation - thanks Lucian Muresan
  • added chapter-patch - thanks dmh
  • fixed some segfaults
  • changed progress bar
0.0.6i - by ralf@bj-ig.de 02.09.2005
  • commands patch - thanks Ville Skyttä
  • fallback for dir size in burnmarks.sh when vdrsync fails
  • requant fix - thanks Christoph Haubrich
  • DVD menu updated - thanks Christoph Haubrich
  • automatically test for possible mplexer/requanter
  • added info for burn result
0.0.6h - by ralf@bj-ig.de 22.08.2005
  • added summary fix - thanks R. Ahrenberg
0.0.6g - by ralf@bj-ig.de 24.07.2005
  • added some finish translations - thanks R. Ahrenberg
  • corrected finish translations - thanks Ville Skyttä
  • fixed null pointer bug - thanks Ville Skyttä
  • maybe fixed double free bug - reported by Ville Skyttä
0.0.6f - by ralf@bj-ig.de 01.04.2005
  • added some finish translations - thanks R. Ahrenberg
  • added restore of archived recordings in handlearchived.sh.example
  • added some reccmds.conf examples
  • added show list of completed j obs
  • added repeat function for burned j obs
  • fix for j obs with no recording in list left, keeps old name
  • moved call to tcmplex in render.c to vdrburn.sh
  • cleanup failed j obs on exit
  • prevent progress menu from closing after menu timeout
0.0.6e - by ralf@bj-ig.de 01.04.2005
  • fixed renaming bug
  • added "Hide path info" Option
  • added "Number recordings in DVD menu" Option
  • applied MarkTwain Patch for handling of big numbers in getCutSize
0.0.6d - by ralf@bj-ig.de 30.03.2005
  • added verify option
  • added to save type of last burned session to setup.conf
  • finish translation and "thread poison" patch by Ville Skyttä
  • italian translation by Gianni Zacchia
  • added patches/vdr-1.3.23-enAIO-2.2-rm-b.diff - adds DVDArchive support to vdr
0.0.6c - by ralf@bj-ig.de 22.03.2005
  • merged DVD Size patch
  • fixed chapter creation bug - thanks apex
  • added patches/vdr-1.3.23-enAIO-2.1-rm-a.diff - adds DVDArchive support to vdr
0.0.6b - by ralf@bj-ig.de 20.03.2005
  • merged lots of patches of "helau"
0.0.6a - by ralf@bj-ig.de 20.03.2005
  • automatically create DVDArchive marks -> see DVD Archive patch
  • fixed DVD Titles
0.0.6 - by helau 17.03.2005
  • Merging lots of patches and Add-Ons found at VDR-Portal
  • Cutting is done now during creating a DVD
  • Creating DVD's without Menues is also possible now.
0.0.5 05.12.2004
  • fixed some threading bugs (black screen problems)
  • fixed deletion of j obs after they finished (now done in Housekeeping)
  • implemented creation of isos (see README)
  • fixed compile problems with some versions of gcc > 3
  • added finnish language texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg)
0.0.4b 30.11.2004
  • fixed menu tabbing for VDR >= 1.3.7
0.0.4a 26.11.2004
  • fixed starting sub-processes by closing duped file descriptors
0.0.4 19.11.2004
  • increased requant buffer
  • added check if there is enough disk space
  • added commandline option for datadir and dvd drive
0.0.3 10.08.2004
  • fixed the entry points in multipage main menus
  • improved removal of unused tempfiles
  • changed default editing mode to "insert" instead of "replace"
  • deleting characters "@%" after episode names
0.0.2 09.08.2004
  • after the plugin is called, the recording list and j ob attributes will be remembered. new recordings can still be added
  • fixed a missing status initialisation
0.0.1g 08.08.2004
  • when using the supplied patch, vdr will not shutdown while burning
0.0.1f 07.08.2004
  • implemented multi-page title and main menus (means overlength summaries and discs with more than 8 titles will be handled correctly)
0.0.1e 05.08.2004
  • implemented own image writer (makes gozer obsolete)
  • new image writer provides aligned texts and multi-page wrapping
0.0.1d 32.07.2004
  • fixed deletion of several leftover tempfiles
  • cleaning recording names now
  • implemented editing dvd title and recordings' titles
  • implemented sorting of recordings by evaluating timestamp when the recording was marked
  • implemented a "move down" function for the recording list (green button)
0.0.1c 26.07.2004
  • fixed memory leak
  • fixed shell escaping
  • fixed display of current item in menu
  • some optical improvements in status display
0.0.1b 24.07.2004
  • fixed requant factor calculation
  • implemented setup menu
  • implemented iso-8859-1 to utf-8 conversion for utf-8 enabled gozer tools (configurable)
  • added support for VDR 1.3.7+
0.0.1 22.07.2004
  • Initial revision.


cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@vdr-developer.org:/var/cvsroot login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anoncvs@vdr-developer.org:/var/cvsroot co burn

Current Version



  1. Homepage vdr-developer.org
  2. VDRsync
  3. Project X
  4. GD Library
  5. Mjpegtools
  6. Dvdauthor
  7. Dvd+rwtools
  8. Mirror Requant (M2VRequantizer.tar.gz)
  9. Download (Snapshots)
  10. Mirror - Backgrounds