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Debian is a highly popular GNU/Linux distribution. It is different from commercial distributions, maintained by the open source community.

Its strength lies in its superior package management. With it, it is possible to update a running system over the internet. Hence it is secure and up-to-date without you being forced to buy a new version. One can choose between three trees: stable, testing and unstable. So it's up to oneself how stable or experimental one's own system is. Also Debian is available for 11 different hardware platforms.


Debian includes a packaged versions of VDR and a selection of popular VDR plugins. See Category:Debian for links to further information on installing VDR on Debian

There are many distributions that build upon Debian, e.g.

Assets and drawbacks

+ Stable main tree
- Inappropriate for newbies
- Difficult installation
- Partly difficult configuration


[1] Debian homepage