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Imports the EPG of an other VDR using the Svdrp protocol. For connecting the svdrpservice-plugin is used which has to be installed along with epgsync.

The actual import runs as a background thread. You can start the thread from the main menu or automatically whenever the plugin is started.

Software requirements

svdrpservice-plugin >= 0.0.2


See plugin installation


epgsync-plugin 0.0.1

Everyone who uses 0.0.1 should update. With 0.0.1 you may encounter the following problems:

  • Crash when an unexpected error occurs while syncing (connection broken, buffer full, ...)
  • Impact of epgsync due to thread priority (like e.g. dropped frames)

Buffer size

Large EPG entries might exceed the internal buffer size. The log will show something like

svdrpservice: line too long in reply from ...

Increase the buffer size to e.g. 32k by editing svdrpservice-plugin's connection.h:



[1] http://vdr.schmirler.de/ Plugin homepage