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Shows DVB signal information on the OSD.

|## Channel Name ########################## [AR][VF][A/DD][D]|
|[=====Signal Strength in % ==============|=================]|
|[=====Signal-to-Noise Ratio in % ========|=================]|
| STR: #0000 (0%)       BER: #00000000       Video: 0 Mbit/s |
| SNR: #0000 (0%)       UNC: #00000000       Audio: 0 kbit/s |
| [LOCK]     [SIGNAL]     [CARRIER]     [VITERBI]     [SYNC] |

STR     - Signal strength
SNR     - Signal-to-noise ratio
BER     - Bit error rate
UNC     - Uncorrected blocks
Video   - Calculated video bitrate in Mbit/s
Audio   - Calculated audio / AC-3 bitrate in kbit/s

LOCK    - Everything's working...
SIGNAL  - Found something above the noise level
CARRIER - Found a DVB signal
VITERBI - FEC (forward error correction) is stable
SYNC    - Found sync bytes

AR      - Aspect Ratio: 1:1/4:3/16:9/2.21:1 (optional)
VF      - Video format: PAL/NTSC (optional)
A/DD    - Audio (0..5) / AC-3 track (optional)
D       - Device number: 0..3 (optional)


Key Description
ChanUp/ChanDn Switch channel up/down
Up/Down Switch channel up/down
0-9 Select channel
Ok Switch between display modes: basic, transponder, stream, AC-3
Green Select next audio track
Back Exit plugin
Right/Left Switch to next/previous device that provides the current channel

Femon - A real womon who lives according to her natural feminine inclinations.

Hardware requirements

  • DVB card

Software requirements


See plugin installation


Option Description
FEMON_NTSC=1 OSD defaults for NTSC system
FEMON_DEBUG=1 Additional debugging information


  • The plugin supports only those DVB cards with _one_ frontend, because I haven't yet figured howto do it without patching the VDR core.
  • Disable the stream analyze to speed up heavy zapping sessions.
  • The signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio values are comparable only between the same brand/model frontends. Due to the lack of proper frontend specifications those values cannot be calculated into any real units.
  • If the OSD isn't visible, you've configured the OSD height too big or too small. Please, try to adjust the variable on the setup page before writing any bug reports. NTSC users should use a shrinked default OSD height by compiling the plugin with: make FEMON_NTSC=1


[1] http://www.saunalahti.fi/~rahrenbe/vdr/femon Plugin homepage