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A Plugin is a program extension of VDR, which can be reloaded as a library at runtime of the program.

A plugin only needs to be recompiled if the plugin interface API version has changed in VDR. Some plugins are dependent on additional VDR patches in order to achieve the desired function.




Plugins last updated before VDR-1.7.0, can to be found in the List of outdated Plugins.
Most likely that list here is not up-to-date, you may want to search on the German wiki for newer informations.

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Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
ac3mode Indicates the number of audio channels (eg 5.1) x
actuator Control of a satellite dish rotor via parallel port x
admin Starting / stopping services, editing configuration files x
alcd Text output on Activy LC displays x
arghdirector Usage of Sky MultiFeed channels, Fork of Director-plugin x
atscepg shows ATSC (North America) EPG x
autostart Start tasks when you insert removable media x
audiorecorder Automatically records radio channels with matching title x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
beep Audible messages via internal PC speaker x
bgprocess Progress indicator for external programs, controlled by SVDRP x x
block EPG background scan for unwanted TV events x
bluray A simple BluRay player.
burn Burn movies to DVD x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
cdplayer Play Audio CDs x x
chanman Select/Change channel list via OSD x x
channelblocker Administrate blocked channels for channel block patch
channellists Switch channel lists via OSD
cinebars Creates virtual cine bars x x x
control OSD output on Telnet terminal x
cpumon Displays CPU usage x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
dbus2vdr Control VDR via D-Bus x x
Deluxe Store DeluxeMusic TV shows x
devstatus Display DVB device status (incl. running records) x x x
dummydevice Dummy output device x
dvbhddevice Output Device plugin for TT S2-6400 DVB card x x x
dvd A DVD player x x x
dvdswitch Plays DVD Images x
dynamite "Plug'n'play" of DVB receivers x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
eepg Extended EPG import x x
epgfixer Processing of EPG content with RegExp x x
epgsearch Advanced EPG search and automatic creation of timers x x
epgsync imported EPG of an other VDR via SVDRP x x
exec integrated timer for actions / shell commands in VDR x
externalplayer use external programs as player x x
extrecmenu advanced recording menu x x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
favorites List of favorite channels x
femon Display of signal information of a DVB card x x x
fepg Tabular EPG index x
ffnetdev An output plugin via network x
filebrowser File Manager x x
fritzbox ISDN telephone call manager x x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
gbc GameBoy - Emulator x
graphlcd Output information on graphical LCDs x x
graphtft Output information on TFTs x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
hattrick A match viewer for the online browser game Hattrick
hello A simple 'hello' sample plugin x
history Maintains a history of played recordings and files.


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
inputdev Reads input events from /dev/input/eventX (KBD, IR, mouse)
imonlcd Output information on imonLCD. x x
infosatepg Loading EPG data via satellite
iptv Use IPTV in VDR x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
karaoke Karaoke
kvdrmon one KDE auxiliary plug-in for kvdrmon


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
lastfm Playing music
lcdproc Output information on LCDs
lcr a telephone least cost Manager
lightpack Access to Lightpack/Prismatic software from VDR x x
lircrc Native LIRC support
live Live Interactive VDR Environment x x
loadepg Import of Canal+ EPG data


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
mailbox Simple email client x
markad advertising scanner, sets cutting marks using Markad x x
menuorg Organize the OSD menu with submenus x
mldkgui MLDonkey plugin
mlist History of all OSD messages
mouse mate Control with Mouse x
mp3 MP3 player
muggle mp3 database


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
neutrinoepg Displays the EPG information in the classic Neutrino look x x
noepg EPG for some channels block / allow x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
osdadjust OSD adjust size and position on the screen
osddemo Demo plug-in for use of the VDR OSD x
osdpip a TV image of another transmitter Show. x
osdserver OSD access via TCP / IP for other programs x
osdteletext Teletext via OSD x x
otv4vdr TPS EPG Import


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
peer Edit timers on VDRs, and access to the OSD x x
permashift Plugin for permanent timeshift x x
pin Parental control for VDR
play Mplayer plugin for VDR and X11
playlist Using playlists for video recording
premiereepg premiereepg2vdr as a plugin x
pvr350 TV image on a Hauppauge PVR 350 x
pvrinput Use analog TV card x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
radio Background image for radio stations, as well as RDS text x x
remote Support of remote controls ("/dev/input/x") x x x
remoteosd Access to the main menu of another VDR x x
remotetimers Timer management in Client-/Server-Struktur x x
restfulapi Provides a RESTful API to access VDR data ready x x
ripit Ripping of audio CDs x
rotor Controls satellite dish rotor
rotorng Controls satellite dish rotor
rssreader show RSS news feeds x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
sc Software Conditional Access Module x x
scheduler control external tasks with VDR
screenshot Makes Screenshots
scripting VDR connect with Ruby
seduatmo AtmoLight for SEDU based controller
setup Edit system settings and VDR-menus
sked SoftCam.Key EDitor
skincurses Skin for the console x
skinelchi Elchi patch as a plugin x x
skinflat a simple and slim skin for VDR x
skinenigmang D-Box Enigma skin x x
skinnOpacity True Color skin for HD VDRs x
skinpearlhd PearlHD the skin as a native plugin
skinsoppalusikka Elchi-skin as a plugin x
SkySelectFeeds Multifeed option of "Sky Select" x
sleeptimer countdown counter for tasks/shutdown x x
smarttvweb Recordings and live TV on SmartTVs/-phones x
sndctl Sound Mixer control x
softhddevice HDTV output plugin for VDR with GPU support. x x
Solarstorm multi-channel TV backlight x
span provides audio FFT data available
spider the spider game
sportng Soccer game results
streamdev Streaming-Server/Client x x
streamplayer Plays video streams
sudoku Generate and solve Number Place puzzles
suspendoutput black background
svdrposd OSD menu via SVDRP x
svdrpservice Interface for access to SVDRP server x
systeminfo System information via OSD x x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
targavfd Control Futaba Dot-Matrix Display x x
text2skin An interpreter for xml-based skins x x
timeline Displays collisions programmed timer
TVGuide a 2D EPG Viewer manner of a TV magazine x x
tvtv TvTv in OSD


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
uactivity Starts shell scripts for changes in user activity x
undelete Recovery of deleted recordings x
upnp via UPnP AV access to VDR x x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
vdrmanager VDR control via Android x
vdrrip Movie Encoder x
vdrtva TV-Anytime ( Accurate Recording and Series Link ) x x
vodcatcher Video_on_Demand
vompserver VDR as Hauppauge MediaMVP server x
vnsi-server VDR-Network-Streaming-Interface x x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
webvideo Loading videos from the internet x
wirbelscan a Channel Scanner for digital and analogue TV x x x
wirbelscancontrol a main menu for wirbelscan-plugin x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
xineliboutput a libxine based VDR output device x x
xmame Start Xmame games within the VDR x
xmltv2vdr Import EPG data into VDR x x


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
yaepg Electronic Program Guide
yaepghd Electronic Program Guide x x
yacoto Converts recordings to other formats


Plugin Description 1.7.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
zaphistory List of recently-watched programs with statistics x x
zappilot Show EPG without channel switching

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