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The "Soppalusikka" is a standalone skin is based on "enElchi" text2skin addon.

Software requirements

  • VDR-1.3.44+


See plugin installation

Channel logo directory can be given via a command line option (-l) and it defaults to "skinsoppalusikka" subdirectory in VDR's configuration directory for plugins.


Option Description
SKINSOPPALUSIKKA_DEBUG=1 Additional debugging information


  • Only XPM format (64x48, 16 colors or less) is supported for channel logos.
  • If you'll add new channels logos on the fly, remember to flush the channel logo cache.
  • The channel logos can be named according to channel name (YLETV2.xpm) or channel id (T-8438-4097-33.xpm). There's a setup option to select the naming scheme.


[1] Plugin homepage