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Makes it easy for other local plugins to access an Svdrp server. The VDR service interface is used to access svdrpservice. It offers two service calls: One to open or close an SVDRP connection and the other for sending commands. The server reply is made available as a list of lines. Check the plugin's README for some sample code or look at one of the plugins which already use svdrpservice.

A plugin developer who needs connections to an Svdrp server can save quite a bit of time when using the Svdrpservice-plugin. With Svdrpservice it is even possible to share a single connection among multiple local plugins which is important as long as an Svdrp server cannot handle multiple connections simultaneously.

Besides Svdrp the plugin can also connect to the VTP port of a streamdev server. VTP offers only a subset of the Svdrp commands, but it can handle concurrent connections.

It does not make sense to install the Svdrpservice-plugin unless it is required by some other plugin like e.g. epgsync, femon or remoteosd.

Software requirements

  • vdr >= 1.3.30


See plugin installation


[1] Plugin homepage