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Templates are ready to use constructs of wiki syntax. They are useful for frequently used text or other unchanging things that are used more often.

One can use a template by inserting {{template_name|option1|option2}} in the text. It is then replace by the template content together with the option in the generated text. That means, changing a template changes the text in all articles the template is used in.

If this is not intended prepend a subst: to the template name as in {{subst:template_name}}.

Template List

Here are the templates listed, that exist for VDR Wiki.

Article Skeletons

Create an empty article, place the appropiate template in it (with a prepended subst: before the template name, e.g. {{subst:Article (plugin)}}), save the article and edit it again. The basic structure is now in place.

Wiki markup Template Description
{{Article (plugin)}} Template:Article (plugin) Simple article template for plugins
{{Article (plugin ext)}} Template:Article (plugin ext) More complex article template for plugins
{{Article (patch)}} Template:Article (patch) Article template for patches

Some Info Boxes

They get the info text as parameter.

Wiki markup Template Description
{{Box Info | Text}} Template:Box Info This box is used for highlighting important information
{{Box Warning | Text}} Template:Box Warning This box is similar to the info box above, but for more important information, e.g. about sources of danger.
{{Box Critical | Text}} Template:Box Critical This box is similar to the warning box above, e.g. to advise against an unlawful act.
{{Box Neutral | Icon=[[Image:???|right|Title]] Color=#cccccc | Title | Text}} Template:Box Neutral This is a neutral box
{{Box File | /path/to/file | Content}} Template:Box File This box serves for highlighting the content of files. It should be used together with syntax highlighting.
{{Box TOC | Heading | Column 1 | Column 2}} Template:Box TOC

Standard Elements

Wiki markup Template Description
{{VDRWiki Header(Standard)}} Template:VDRWiki Header(Standard) Blue VDR Wiki standard header
{{VDRWiki Header(Hardware)}} Template:VDRWiki Header(Hardware) Brown standard header for hardware overviews
{{VDRWiki Header(Software)}} Template:VDRWiki Header(Software) Green standard header for software overviews
{{VDRWiki Footer}} Template:VDRWiki Footer Standard navigation footer
{{i18n|Article}} Template:I18n Language links to the other wikis
{{TOC}} Template:TOC Alphabetical TableOfContent for tables and lists (use together with id="A", id="B",...)
{{Button Red|Caption}} Template:Button Red
, e.g.
{{Button Green|Caption}} Template:Button Green
, e.g.
{{Button Yellow|Caption}} Template:Button Yellow
, e.g.
{{Button Blue|Caption}} Template:Button Blue
, e.g.
{{Button Neutral|Caption}} Template:Button Neutral
, e.g.


Create empty article and place

{{subst:Article (plugin)}}

save, and edit again, the content is now in place.

Place this somewhere in an article

{{Box Info|
This is an info.

and save it. The resulting page show noch a Box with the text This is a hint in it. Edit it again. Again the call of the template is there, not the content.