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The vdrcd plugin tries to identify the type of CD/DVD in the drive and starts the appropiate plugin automatical. It can identify the following CDs/DVDs

CD/DVD-Format passendes Plugin
Video-CD vcd-plugin
Super-VCD vcd-plugin
DVD dvd-plugin
Photo-CD pcd-plugin
MP3-Dateien mp3-plugin
OGG-Dateien mp3-plugin
Audio-CD mp3-plugin
CD-Extra (Mixed Mode) mp3-plugin
AVI-Dateien mplayer-plugin
VDR-Verzeichnisse VDR
VDR-Dateien VDR

A new entry in the main menu is created through this the CD/DVD is played. Therefor the entries for vcd-plugin and dvd-plugin can be disabled.

Hardware requirements

  • CD/DVD drive
  • Processor power depends. Divx needs quite a lot, VCDs or DVDs not.

Software requirements

  • See plugin descriptions
  • mount.sh shell script like for the mp3-plugin


See plugin installation



Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-c DIR --cdDir=DIR Directory of the mounted CD/DVD drive (default: /cdrom)
-m SCRIPT --mount=SCRIPT mount.sh (default $PATH)


  • Sometimes the CD/DVD drive blocks after playing a Video-CD.


[1] http://www.magoa.net/linux/index.php?view=vdrcd Plugin homepage