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scan vs dvbscan

Both in the package dvb-apps in Ubuntu, and in the source I downloaded from, there was both a program scan and dvbscan. They were not the same, and only scan worked on my TechnoTrend C-1501 DVB-C card. dvbscan output Unable to query frontend status. I did not know I also had a scan program, and spent about a day trying to understand the source code for dvbscan, before I saw some forum post using scan, and tried that. w_scan also did not work. w_scan -f c -x gave (after some time) ERROR: Sorry - i couldn't get any working frequency/transponder Nothing to scan!! dumping lists (0 services). But kaffeine worked at once. So please make it clear that (at least for now), a disfunctional dvbscan doesn't mean you system doesn't work. Nils Grimsmo 21:16, 24 March 2009 (CET)

BIBcom 3000p tuning failed

I installed hopefully all necessary drivers and firmware for a DIBcom 3000p DVB-T device on OpenSuse 10.2 system with 2.6.18 Kernel

dmesg says registered and looks fine for the hardware.

My triel ends with no result from dvbscan

I use the local definition from de-Ruhrgebiet for the channel definition.

Do I have all necessary drivers installed for the Kernel ? What can I do to test more ?

regards, Helmut

CityK 04:12, 29 March 2007 (CEST)
Was there any message about the device's firmware being loaded in dmesg?
If that isn't the problem, then my other quick thought is that you have an issue with reception via the antenna.
Anyway, you should subscribe to the dvb mailing list, or the #linuxtv irc channel and describe your problem -- you will get much
better support there. The wiki sees low traffic and/or use, as well as being not particularly appropriate as a forum for user troubleshooting
(whereas the m/l or irc channel are ideal).

Thanks for quick info. I will join the dvb mailing list #linuxtv irc channel

The problem is that everything looks ok.

1. dmesg accepts the device including firmware 2. dvb-t works without any problem on XP , therefore no problem with the antenna. 3. the directory dev/adapter0 ... is there 4. starting kaffeine even notice the BiBcom 3000p 5. dvbscan scans with the result tuning failed 6. I checked the local channel list de-koeln-bonn , de-ruhrgebiet and compared it with the

  local definitions , seems to be ok 

7. tzap even don´t give any result , always in status 0000