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ATI Technologies was a designer and supplier of many video graphics and multimedia products. In October 2006, ATI became a subsidiary of AMD, and continues to operate as the parent company's graphics and multimedia divison.

Digital TV (DTV) products sold by ATI/AMD
Model Standard Interface Supported Comments
HDTV Wonder ATSC PCI Yes Comes with a antennae
TV Wonder 650 PCI ATSC PCI No
TV Wonder 650 Combo PCI Express ATSC PCIe No
TV Wonder HD 600 USB ATSC USB Yes
TV Wonder 600 PCI Express ATSC PCIe No
TV Wonder 600 PCI ATSC PCI No
older All-In-Wonder graphics cards DVB-T AGP or PCIe No Some of the later All-In-Wonder graphics cards which featured DVB-T receivers
All-in-Wonder HD ATSC PCIe No graphics and tuner combo card; hence, "all-in"
TV Wonder Digital Cable ATSC USB LOL, yeah right OCUR (Open Cable Unidirectional Receiver) devices

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