AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid+FM Cardbus (E506R)

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The AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid+FM Cardbus (E506R) is a hybrid DVB-T Cardbus device from AVerMedia. On kernel, analog and DVB-T work. DVB-T requires a firmware and still shows random, relatively small, corruptions. On 2.6.38, there are no corruptions. As far as I can tell, it's working perfectly! I've now been using it for a while (using kernel 3.2.0-rc7) and found no problems.

AVerMedia also provides beta Linux drivers, applicable to specific Linux distributions, for the device. Generally these are worthless as you need to install some ancient distribution to make them work.


You need firmware for the DVB part of this device.



  • Antenna in (SMB) ... comes with a passive antenna
  • Composite in
  • S-Video in
  • Audio L/R in
  • FM radio in ... comes with a radio antenna
  • and comes with an IR remote

Components used

It uses the following components: