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Anysee is a Korean manufacturer of DVB USB devices.

It has been reported on the mailing list that Anysee has not been willing to help open source developers to write a Linux driver by handing out specifications (source?). Any further information on communication with Anysee would be welcome. Anyway, Reverse-engineering should be possible.

Support for the E30 series of devices has been in development for some time, and works fine for many people.

Anysee devices bearing "Plus" in their product name indicate the presence of a smart card interface.

DVB Devices sold by Anysee
Model Standard Interface Supported Comments
K50 ATSC USB no adds analog support (TV and a/v input)
E30 DVB-T USB no
E30 Plus DVB-T USB no smart card support
E30C Plus DVB-C USB no smart card support
E30S Plus DVB-S USB no smart card support
E30PS Plus DVB-S PCI no smart card support

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