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[[Image:Anysee_T7_T2C.JPG|right|thumb|200px|Anysee E7 T2C]]
A [[DVB-T Devices|DVB USB Device]] from [[Anysee]].
The Anysee E7 is not supported under Linux.
* USB Interface
* Inputs: Antenna (Composite), Remote and 12 V power
* Outputs: Antenna (loop through)
* CA-interface
* Smart card reader interface
===Other Images===
<gallery perrow=5>
Image:Anysee T2 Remote.JPG|Anysee Remote
==External Links==
* [http://www.anysee.com/eng/product/anyseeE7_main.php Anysee E7 product page]
[[Category:DVB-T USB Devices]]

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