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===Other Images===
===Other Images===
<gallery perrow=5>
<gallery perrow=5>
Image:Anysee T2 Remote.JPG|Anysee Remote
Image:Anysee T2 Remote.JPG|Remote Control
Image:Anysee E7 T2C inside1.JPG| E7 T2C Circuit Board
Image:Anysee E7 T2C inside2.JPG| E7 T2C Circuit Board
The same remote control is used with [[Anysee E30]]
The same remote control is used with [[Anysee E30]]
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Anysee E7 T2C

A series of USB devices from Anysee.

Supported ID on
Hardware Firmware Comment / Pictures URL E
Anysee E7 No 1c73:861f USB2.0 N/A This is a generic entry for the Anysee E7 line. If you have details for a particular device, please feel free to clone this entry and add the details. Anysee E7 T2C [1] Jump to the place where you can edit this entry

The Anysee E7 is currently not supported under Linux.


  • USB Interface
  • Inputs: Antenna, Remote (IR) and 12 V power
  • Outputs: Antenna (loop through)
  • CA-interface
  • Smart card reader interface

There are three different versions of the E7 device

  • E7 TC - Terrest (DVB-T) and Cable (DVB-C)
  • E7 T2C - Terrest (DVB-T/T2) and Cable (DVB-C)
  • E7 S2 - Satellite (DVB-S/S2)

Other Images

The same remote control is used with Anysee E30

External Links