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AVerMedia TV+FM CardBus E506R


Original product page

AVermedia released their card with binary only driver for Mandriva and FC3/4. For ancient kernels of course. Due to licensing from chip vendor and the fact that AVerMedia is a proud GPL violator -- they do not bother publishing source for their driver that is actually based on V4L.

Looking inside the card we can see that it is:

  • Philips SAA7135HL PCI Audio/Video Broadcast Decoder
  • Xceive XC3028 Silicon Tuner
  • Zarlink MT352 Digital Terrestrial TV Demodulator

Analogue TV seems to work with PAL-BG (including audio)

Since 14. May 2007 FM radio is also supported.

There's some experimental code in

(the setup requires root privileges, if you want to install it with debian/ubuntu add a sudo infront of each command, $ is the sign for a shell, it's not part of the command)


$ cd /lib/firmware
$ wget
$ tar xvzf firmware_pinnacle.tgz
$ cd /tmp
$ hg clone
$ cd v4l-dvb-experimental/v4l
$ make
$ make install
- reboot here -
- plug in the device -

For radio you need to install xawtv, it contains a tool called "radio" You also need to pipe audio manually from the device to the soundcard, that for you can use a script called which you can find in v4l-dvb-experimental/v4l/scripts, it will also work with pci devices. This script generates a sox command for example

Using command: sox -r 48000 -w -c 2 -t ossdsp /dev/dsp1 -t ossdsp /dev/dsp

I know this command generates some noise when listening to FM radio, you should read the sox manpage to improve the choppy sound.

in that case

cat /dev/dsp1 > /dev/dsp

delivers the best quality, just play around with it and try to fix this wiki site please.

MarkusRechberger 02:18, 14 May 2007 (CEST)

Screenshot from users:

Screenshot is here

--SunnyBUG 04:53, 18 October 2006 (CEST)

Respect товарищу Hayova за 501R ;)))