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Good problem report should include
Good problem report should include

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free live web cam chat airline american flight schedule timetable brazilian shemale pic gallery st sauveur hotel rohff clips videos Good problem report should include

0. Note that you are using V4L CVS.

1. Name of card

2. lspci -vn

3. Dmesg log of module tuning and probing. It also nice to add audio_debug options to modules, tuner_debug option to tuner module and debug option to tda9887

4. Television standard for your country.

5. Exact sequence of actions that causes your problem.

6. Generally, "your problem" is a combination of an app and a driver. Also generally, the problem only exists in one of those, but it isn't always easy to tell where. A big help is to check each part with various tools in the Test_Suite.