B2C2 Inc.

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A U.S. company that designed the very interesting FlexCop PCI interface chipset, as well as the reference designs for several PCI and USB based receivers that utilize the FlexCop ASIC, which were embraced by German manufacturer TechniSat.

The exact status of B2C2 is not particularly clear. Although their website continues to presist, it is questionable whether they are still a going concern. The Broadband Technologies website reports that "B2C2 decided to withdraw from the direct sales and support of all B2C2 PCI and USB products on January 31, 2003" and, further, that the "former Director of Software Engineering for B2C2" established BBTI in May of that year "in order to continue sales and support" of B2C2 based receivers [1]. This lends itself to interpretation as to whether B2C2, if still in business, now derives revenue through licensing of their intellectual property, or whether the creation of BBTI was rather just a formal business restructuring or newly created venture.

In any regards, TechniSat continues to produce FlexCop-based DVB devices.

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