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*[[Conexant CX23885/7/8|CX23885/7/8]] PCIe Audio/Video Decoders
*[[Conexant CX23885/7/8|CX23885/7/8]] PCIe Audio/Video Decoders
*[[Conexant Fusion 878A|Fusion 878A/CX25878/9]] PCI Video Decoder
*[[Conexant Fusion 878A|Fusion 878A/CX25878/9]] PCI Video Decoder
*[[Conexant CX231xx|CX23100/1/2]] USB Video and Broadcast Decoder
*[[Conexant CX2310x|CX23100/1/2]] USB Video and Broadcast Decoder

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Conexant is a fabless semiconductor company that, amongst other things, specializes in the design of a number of convergence video products such as Demodulator, MPEG2 Encoder, and A/V Decoder chipsets. Conexant was formed, in 1999, when Rockwell Semiconductor was spun off from its parent company, Rockwell International. For its part, Conexant's convergence video operations can trace their origins to 1996, when the former Rockwell Semiconductor had acquired Brooktree Corporation. Conexant become a fabless design house in 2002, when it spun off its manufacturing facilities as Jazz Semiconductor, and has since outsourced product production to other semiconductor foundries.


Examples of Conexant ICs that are common to analogue and DVB devices include:



  • CX22700 DVB-T Demodulator
  • CX24116 DVB-S2 Demodulator
  • CX24110 DVB-S Demodulator
  • CX24228 ATSC 8-VSB and 64/256


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