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*[[DMB-T/H PCI Cards]]
*[[DMB-T/H PCIe Cards]]
DMB-T/H is the HDTV broadcast standard used in Hong Kong and China.
*[[DMB-T/H USB Devices]] (Pensticks, Boxes, etc)
*[[DMB-T/H_IEEE1394_Devices|DVB-T IEEE1394 / Firewire / iLink Boxes]]
*[[DMB-T/H PCMCIA Cards]] (PC Card/CardBus, ExpressCard)

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  • Siano [1], Siano produces multi-standard mobile digital TV chipset (DVB-T, DVB-H, DMB-T, DAB)
    • First generation: SMS1000
    • Second generation: SMS11xx family
  • DiBcom DIB707x-M, DIB9080-M , DVB-H/DVB-T standards [2]
  • Abilis AS-101 , DVB-H/DVB-T standards [3]
  • Legend Silicon LGS8913, LGS8GL5, LGS8G75


  • TerraTec Cinergy Piranha (SMS1000 chipset)
  • MagicPro ProHDTV USB (LGS8GL5)
  • TechGear HDTVC USB (LGS8GL5)
  • MagicPro ProHDTV Extreme PCI-E (LGS8GL5)
  • MyGica X8506 PCI-E(LGS8GL5)
  • MagicPro ProHDTV Extreme 2 PCI-E (LGS8G75)