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Proprietary Digital Satellite System Standard defined, owned and used by DirectTV. No public documentation available, here some guessed facts:

As Modulation Scheme DSS uses QPSK. Viterbi and Reed-Solomon Error Correction algorithms are the same like defined for DVB. Usually 1/2, 2/3 or 6/7 FEC, a different puncture rate and randomizer are used.

It utilises MPEG-2 like TS Packets that are 127 bytes long (instead of 188 Bytes as used in the case of MPEG-2/DVB -- as far we know 188 bytes packet length have been choosen there for compatibility with ATM networks).

For Program Service Information a so called "Master Program Guide" (MPG) is used, here all the information is stored on a single PID that is spread over NITs, SDTs, EITs in DVB MPEG-2 Transport Streams.

There are some modern DVB Chipsets available that can handle both DVB-S and DSS transmissions, see the Demodulator section.

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