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*[[PCI_devices_DVB-C|DVB-C PCI Cards]]
*[[DVB-C PCI Cards]]
*[[DVB_USB|DVB-C USB-Boxes]]
*[[DVB-C PCIe Cards|DVB-C PCIe Cards]]
*[[IEEE1394_devices_DVB-C|DVB-C IEEE1394 / Firewire / iLink Boxes]]
*[[DVB-C USB Devices]] (Pensticks, Boxes, etc)
*[[DVB-C_IEEE1394_Devices|DVB-C IEEE1394 / FireWire / i.LINK Boxes]]
*[[DVB-C PCMCIA Cards|DVB-C PCMCIA Cards]] (PC Card/CardBus, ExpressCard)
[[Category:DVB-C|!DVB-C cards]]
[[Category:Hardware|!DVB-C cards]]

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