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A [[DVB-S]] [[DVB-S USB Devices|USB device]] from [[DVBWorld]].
A [[DVB-S]] [[DVB-S USB Devices|USB device]] from [[DVBWorld]].

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A DVB-S USB device from DVBWorld.

Support is currently not included in the LinuxTV tree, however, a working driver now exists! (See here).


USB ID is: 04B4:2102

Components Used

  • Sharp BS2F7VZ0194A tuner module with integrated
  • Cypress CY7C68013 USB bridge

DVB-S 2102 USB2.0 clones


See the instructions for obtaining the firmware for the dvb-usb-dw2102.fw here [1]#Firmware.

unrar it and copy dvb-usb-dw2102.fw firmware file to /lib/firmware/


hg clone http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/s2-liplianin/
cd s2-liplianin
make menuconfig
make install

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