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If you want to receive IP over Satellite and DVB on your Linux machine, you might want to buy one of these DVB PCI cards (see also the developer section for a list of card revisions supported by our driver):

The Siemens DVB card - this is the card we developped the Linux drivers for (thanks to the Siemens guys). The Siemens DVB-S card is identical to the cards built by Hauppauge, Technotrend, Galaxis and Katek. We also support the Siemens DVB-C card.

Hauppauge has released a low budget version of the Siemens card. The WinTV Nova has no MPEG2 decoder chip anymore. From driver version 0.8 on we support this card - you should be able to get a complete transport stream from it.

Technotrend has developed a DVB-T card and our driver also supports this card (both, the version with DSP and the Nova card). Most DVB-S cards (except for Version 1.6) are also supported by us. The Technotrend DVB-C card (at least the newer version 2.1) is currently not working with our driver.

The Telemann Skymedia card - never seen that card, but there are Linux drivers The Pentamedia cards - Linux drivers for a IP-over-Satellite card.