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dvbsnoop is a commandline DVB / MPEG stream analyzer utility, which is capable of debugging, dumping or viewing the information in such streams. It is a very usefool tool if you are in need to sniff data streams. dvbsnoop is part of the Tuxbox Project and is hosted on Sourceforge (see links below)

Obtaining the dvbsnoop

Install it, e.g. with debian:

 # apt-get install dvbsnoop

Apparently, dvbsnoop isn't in any of the usual Fedora repositories at this time (Feb 2007). Instead, download a copy directly from the source forge site using steps similar to the following. Note this is for version 1.40. Your download URL (and the extracted directory dvbsnoop-bin-i386-1.4.00-api3) will change as succeeding versions of dvbsnoop are published on Source Forge. Also you may wish to copy the binary dvbsnoop out to a more convenient directory in your path, rather than the deeply buried directory ~/dvbsnoop/dvbsnoop-bin-i386-1.4.00-api3/bin-i386-api3 which, in this example, contains the binary. Then ./dvbsnoop will not be required, just dvbsnoop as shown in the debian example below.

 $ mkdir ~/dvbsnoop
 $ cd dvbsnoop
 $ wget  http://downloads.sourceforge.net/dvbsnoop/dvbsnoop-bin-i386-1.4.00-api3.tar.gz?modtime=1124046233&big_mirror=0
 $ tar xvzf *.tar.gz
 $ ls
 $ cd dvbsnoop-bin-i386-1.4.00-api3
 $ ls 
 $ cd bin-i386-api3
 $ ls
 $ ./dvbsnoop -help
 $ ./dvbsnoop -s pidscan

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