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What card do I exactly have?

Good question - those companies often just don't tell it exactly... The easiest is to do stick the card into your PC and then do


Watch out for multimedia apaters, multimedia video controller, multimedia controller or something thelike.

Where do I get a driver from?

Write down the name in lspci and search for it here or google for it. There are many cards out, but most of them use the same chipset so you're pretty likely to get it running under Linux.

I have the DVB drivers loaded. Now how can I test it?

Check if you have files in /dev/dvb/adapter0/. Then, have a look at the tests on First steps with a budget DVB card.

How do I tune my TV-channels? Where do I get the frequencies from?

Try the scan command as described above or on the page of its package LinuxTV dvb-apps.


Any software I use comes up with error messages like "can't find demux".

This means that /dev/dvb/adapter0/demux is missing. Probably your card drivers are not installed properly. Then, you don't have anything in /dev/dvb/. If that's the case, make sure above that you have all in your kernel config (of your running kernel, of course) and that you loaded them all with modprobe.