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gspca is a kernel driver module intended as a major effort to support many different bridge interface chipsets used in pre UVC webcams, which, taken collectively, are known as gspca devices.

It is more accurate to describe gspca as a driver framework which consists of a core driver module (gspca_main) and several sub-drivers, which extend support to a large range of different webcams: gspca_conex, gspca_etoms, gspca_finepix, gspca_m5602, gspca_mars, gspca_mr97310a, gspca_ov519, gspca_ov534, gspca_pac207, gspca_pac7311, gspca_sn9c20x, gspca_sonixb, gspca_sonixj, gspca_spca500, gspca_spca501, gspca_spca505, gspca_spca506, gspca_spca508, gspca_spca561, gspca_stk014, gspca_stv06xx, gspca_sunplus, gspca_t613, gspca_tv8532, gspca_vc032x, gspca_zc3xx.

Development History
Its development originally began as the spca5xx driver; which was the result of reverse engineering efforts to support webcams based upon the Sunplus spca5xx bridge chipset. This original driver used the old V4L 1 API spec. The driver was later expanded to also support other bridge chipsets (such as from Sonix, Transvision, Z-star/Vimicro, Conexant, Etoms), and was rebranded as gspca version 1 in mid 2006. [1]. The gspca framework was later reworked to support the V4L2 API, and the resultant version 2 of the driver became integrated into the 2.6.27 kernel. It remains actively developed [2].