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This driver consists on a core driver (gspca_main) and several sub-drivers, covering a large range of webcams. Currently (Jul, 24 2009), there are 660 different webcam models supported by this driver and their subdrivers:

Sub-driver USB ID Brand name
gspca_conex 0572:0041 Creative Notebook cx11646
gspca_etoms 102c:6151 Qcam Sangha CIF
gspca_etoms 102c:6251 Qcam xxxxxx VGA
gspca_finepix 04cb:0104 Fujifilm FinePix 4800
gspca_finepix 04cb:0109 Fujifilm FinePix A202
gspca_finepix 04cb:010b Fujifilm FinePix A203
gspca_finepix 04cb:010f Fujifilm FinePix A204
gspca_finepix 04cb:0111 Fujifilm FinePix A205
gspca_finepix 04cb:0113 Fujifilm FinePix A210
gspca_finepix 04cb:0115 Fujifilm FinePix A303
gspca_finepix 04cb:0117 Fujifilm FinePix A310
gspca_finepix 04cb:0119 Fujifilm FinePix F401
gspca_finepix 04cb:011b Fujifilm FinePix F402
gspca_finepix 04cb:011d Fujifilm FinePix F410
gspca_finepix 04cb:0121 Fujifilm FinePix F601
gspca_finepix 04cb:0123 Fujifilm FinePix F700
gspca_finepix 04cb:0125 Fujifilm FinePix M603
gspca_finepix 04cb:0127 Fujifilm FinePix S300
gspca_finepix 04cb:0129 Fujifilm FinePix S304
gspca_finepix 04cb:012b Fujifilm FinePix S500
gspca_finepix 04cb:012d Fujifilm FinePix S602
gspca_finepix 04cb:012f Fujifilm FinePix S700
gspca_finepix 04cb:0131 Fujifilm FinePix unknown model
gspca_finepix 04cb:013b Fujifilm FinePix unknown model
gspca_finepix 04cb:013d Fujifilm FinePix unknown model
gspca_finepix 04cb:013f Fujifilm FinePix F420
gspca_m5602 0402:5602 ALi Video Camera Controller
gspca_mars 093a:050f Mars-Semi Pc-Camera
gspca_mr97310a 08ca:0111 Aiptek PenCam VGA+
gspca_mr97310a 093a:010f Sakar Digital no. 77379
gspca_ov519 041e:4052 Creative Live! VISTA IM
gspca_ov519 041e:405f Creative Live! VISTA VF0330
gspca_ov519 041e:4060 Creative Live! VISTA VF0350
gspca_ov519 041e:4061 Creative Live! VISTA VF0400
gspca_ov519 041e:4064 Creative Live! VISTA VF0420
gspca_ov519 041e:4068 Creative Live! VISTA VF0470
gspca_ov519 045e:028c Micro$oft xbox cam
gspca_ov519 054c:0154 Sonny toy4
gspca_ov519 054c:0155 Sonny toy5
gspca_ov519 05a9:0519 OV519 Microphone
gspca_ov519 05a9:0530 OmniVision
gspca_ov519 05a9:4519 Webcam Classic
gspca_ov519 05a9:8519 OmniVision
gspca_ov519 05a9:a518 D-Link DSB-C310 Webcam
gspca_ov534 06f8:3002 Hercules Blog Webcam
gspca_ov534 06f8:3003 Hercules Dualpix HD Weblog
gspca_ov534 1415:2000 Sony HD Eye for PS3 (SLEH 00201)
gspca_pac207 041e:4028 Creative Webcam Vista Plus
gspca_pac207 093a:2460 Qtec Webcam 100
gspca_pac207 093a:2461 HP Webcam
gspca_pac207 093a:2463 Philips SPC 220 NC
gspca_pac207 093a:2464 Labtec Webcam 1200
gspca_pac207 093a:2468 PAC207
gspca_pac207 093a:2470 Genius GF112
gspca_pac207 093a:2471 Genius VideoCam ge111
gspca_pac207 093a:2472 Genius VideoCam ge110
gspca_pac207 093a:2474 Genius iLook 111
gspca_pac207 093a:2476 Genius e-Messenger 112
gspca_pac207 145f:013a Trust WB-1300N
gspca_pac207 2001:f115 D-Link DSB-C120
gspca_pac7311 093a:2600 PAC7311 Typhoon
gspca_pac7311 093a:2601 Philips SPC 610 NC
gspca_pac7311 093a:2603 PAC7312
gspca_pac7311 093a:2608 Trust WB-3300p
gspca_pac7311 093a:260e Gigaware VGA PC Camera, Trust WB-3350p, SIGMA cam 2350
gspca_pac7311 093a:260f SnakeCam
gspca_pac7311 093a:2620 Apollo AC-905
gspca_pac7311 093a:2621 PAC731x
gspca_pac7311 093a:2622 Genius Eye 312
gspca_pac7311 093a:2624 PAC7302
gspca_pac7311 093a:2626 Labtec 2200
gspca_pac7311 093a:2629 Genious iSlim 300
gspca_pac7311 093a:262a Webcam 300k
gspca_pac7311 093a:262c Philips SPC 230 NC
gspca_sn9c20x 0458:7029 Genius Look 320s
gspca_sn9c20x 045e:00f4 LifeCam VX-6000 (SN9C20x + OV9650)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6240 PC Camera (SN9C201 + MT9M001)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6242 PC Camera (SN9C201 + MT9M111)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6248 PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV9655)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:624e PC Camera (SN9C201 + SOI968)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:624f PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV9650)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6251 PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV9650)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6253 PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV9650)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6260 PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV7670)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6270 PC Camera (SN9C201 + MT9V011/MT9V111/MT9V112)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:627b PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV7660)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:627c PC Camera (SN9C201 + HV7131R)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:627f PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV9650)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6280 PC Camera (SN9C202 + MT9M001)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6282 PC Camera (SN9C202 + MT9M111)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:6288 PC Camera (SN9C202 + OV9655)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:628e PC Camera (SN9C202 + SOI968)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:628f PC Camera (SN9C202 + OV9650)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:62a0 PC Camera (SN9C202 + OV7670)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:62b0 PC Camera (SN9C202 + MT9V011/MT9V111/MT9V112)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:62b3 PC Camera (SN9C202 + OV9655)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:62bb PC Camera (SN9C202 + OV7660)
gspca_sn9c20x 0c45:62bc PC Camera (SN9C202 + HV7131R)
gspca_sn9c20x 145f:013d Trust WB-3600R
gspca_sn9c20x a168:0610 Dino-Lite Digital Microscope (SN9C201 + HV7131R)
gspca_sn9c20x a168:0611 Dino-Lite Digital Microscope (SN9C201 + HV7131R)
gspca_sn9c20x a168:0613 Dino-Lite Digital Microscope (SN9C201 + HV7131R)
gspca_sn9c20x a168:0614 Dino-Lite Digital Microscope (SN9C201 + MT9M111)
gspca_sn9c20x a168:0615 Dino-Lite Digital Microscope (SN9C201 + MT9M111)
gspca_sn9c20x a168:0617 Dino-Lite Digital Microscope (SN9C201 + MT9M111)
gspca_sn9c20x a168:0618 Dino-Lite Digital Microscope (SN9C201 + HV7131R)
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6001 Genius VideoCAM NB
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6005 Microdia Sweex Mini Webcam
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6007 Sonix sn9c101 + Tas5110D
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6009 spcaCam@120
gspca_sonixb 0c45:600d spcaCam@120
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6011 Microdia PC Camera (SN9C102)
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6019 Generic Sonix OV7630
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6024 Generic Sonix Tas5130c
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6025 Xcam Shanga
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6028 Sonix Btc Pc380
gspca_sonixb 0c45:6029 spcaCam@150
gspca_sonixb 0c45:602c Generic Sonix OV7630
gspca_sonixb 0c45:602d LIC-200 LG
gspca_sonixb 0c45:602e Genius VideoCam Messenger
gspca_sonixj 0458:7025 Genius Eye 311Q
gspca_sonixj 0458:702e Genius Slim 310 NB
gspca_sonixj 045e:00f5 MicroSoft VX3000
gspca_sonixj 045e:00f7 MicroSoft VX1000
gspca_sonixj 0471:0327 Philips SPC 600 NC
gspca_sonixj 0471:0328 Philips SPC 700 NC
gspca_sonixj 0471:0330 Philips SPC 710 NC
gspca_sonixj 06f8:3004 Hercules Classic Silver
gspca_sonixj 06f8:3008 Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass
gspca_sonixj 0c45:6040 Speed NVC 350K
gspca_sonixj 0c45:607c Sonix sn9c102p Hv7131R
gspca_sonixj 0c45:60c0 Sangha Sn535
gspca_sonixj 0c45:60ec SN9C105+MO4000
gspca_sonixj 0c45:60fb Surfer NoName
gspca_sonixj 0c45:60fc LG-LIC300
gspca_sonixj 0c45:60fe Microdia Audio
gspca_sonixj 0c45:6100 PC Camera (SN9C128)
gspca_sonixj 0c45:610a PC Camera (SN9C128)
gspca_sonixj 0c45:610b PC Camera (SN9C128)
gspca_sonixj 0c45:610c PC Camera (SN9C128)
gspca_sonixj 0c45:610e PC Camera (SN9C128)
gspca_sonixj 0c45:6128 Microdia/Sonix SNP325
gspca_sonixj 0c45:612a Avant Camera
gspca_sonixj 0c45:612c Typhoon Rasy Cam 1.3MPix
gspca_sonixj 0c45:6130 Sonix Pccam
gspca_sonixj 0c45:6138 Sn9c120 Mo4000
gspca_sonixj 0c45:613a Microdia Sonix PC Camera
gspca_sonixj 0c45:613b Surfer SN-206
gspca_sonixj 0c45:613c Sonix Pccam168
gspca_sonixj 0c45:6143 Sonix Pccam168
gspca_spca500 040a:0300 Kodak EZ200
gspca_spca500 041e:400a Creative PC-CAM 300
gspca_spca500 046d:0890 Logitech QuickCam traveler
gspca_spca500 046d:0900 Logitech Inc. ClickSmart 310
gspca_spca500 046d:0901 Logitech Inc. ClickSmart 510
gspca_spca500 04a5:300c Benq DC 1016
gspca_spca500 04fc:7333 PalmPixDC85
gspca_spca500 055f:c200 Mustek Gsmart 300
gspca_spca500 055f:c220 Gsmart Mini
gspca_spca500 06bd:0404 Agfa CL20
gspca_spca500 06be:0800 Optimedia
gspca_spca500 084d:0003 D-Link DSC-350
gspca_spca500 08ca:0103 Aiptek PocketDV
gspca_spca500 2899:012c Toptro Industrial
gspca_spca500 8086:0630 Intel Pocket PC Camera
gspca_spca501 0000:0000 MystFromOri Unknow Camera
gspca_spca501 040a:0002 Kodak DVC-325
gspca_spca501 0497:c001 Smile International
gspca_spca501 0506:00df 3Com HomeConnect Lite
gspca_spca501 0733:0401 Intel Create and Share
gspca_spca501 0733:0402 ViewQuest M318B
gspca_spca501 1776:501c Arowana 300K CMOS Camera
gspca_spca505 041e:401d Creative Webcam NX ULTRA
gspca_spca505 0733:0430 Intel PC Camera Pro
gspca_spca506 06e1:a190 ADS Instant VCD
gspca_spca506 0734:043b 3DeMon USB Capture aka
gspca_spca506 99fa:8988 Grandtec V.cap
gspca_spca508 0130:0130 Clone Digital Webcam 11043
gspca_spca508 041e:4018 Creative Webcam Vista (PD1100)
gspca_spca508 0461:0815 Micro Innovation IC200
gspca_spca508 0733:0110 ViewQuest VQ110
gspca_spca508 0af9:0010 Hama USB Sightcam 100
gspca_spca508 0af9:0011 Hama USB Sightcam 100
gspca_spca508 8086:0110 Intel Easy PC Camera
gspca_spca561 041e:401a Creative Webcam Vista (PD1100)
gspca_spca561 041e:403b Creative Webcam Vista (VF0010)
gspca_spca561 0458:7004 Genius VideoCAM Express V2
gspca_spca561 046d:0928 Logitech QC Express Etch2
gspca_spca561 046d:0929 Labtec Webcam Elch2
gspca_spca561 046d:092a Logitech QC for Notebook
gspca_spca561 046d:092b Labtec Webcam Plus
gspca_spca561 046d:092c Logitech QC chat Elch2
gspca_spca561 046d:092d Logitech QC Elch2
gspca_spca561 046d:092e Logitech QC Elch2
gspca_spca561 046d:092f Logitech QuickCam Express Plus
gspca_spca561 04fc:0561 Flexcam 100
gspca_spca561 060b:a001 Maxell Compact Pc PM3
gspca_spca561 10fd:7e50 FlyCam Usb 100
gspca_spca561 abcd:cdee Petcam
gspca_stk014 05e1:0893 Syntek DV4000
gspca_stv06xx 046d:0840 QuickCam Express
gspca_stv06xx 046d:0850 LEGO cam / QuickCam Web
gspca_stv06xx 046d:0870 Dexxa WebCam USB
gspca_sunplus 041e:400b Creative PC-CAM 600
gspca_sunplus 041e:4012 PC-Cam350
gspca_sunplus 041e:4013 Creative Pccam750
gspca_sunplus 0458:7006 Genius Dsc 1.3 Smart
gspca_sunplus 0461:0821 Fujifilm MV-1
gspca_sunplus 046d:0905 Logitech ClickSmart 820
gspca_sunplus 046d:0960 Logitech ClickSmart 420
gspca_sunplus 0471:0322 Philips DMVC1300K
gspca_sunplus 04a5:3003 Benq DC 1300
gspca_sunplus 04a5:3008 Benq DC 1500
gspca_sunplus 04a5:300a Benq DC 3410
gspca_sunplus 04f1:1001 JVC GC A50
gspca_sunplus 04fc:500c Sunplus CA500C
gspca_sunplus 04fc:504a Aiptek Mini PenCam 1.3
gspca_sunplus 04fc:504b Maxell MaxPocket LE 1.3
gspca_sunplus 04fc:5330 Digitrex 2110
gspca_sunplus 04fc:5360 Sunplus Generic
gspca_sunplus 04fc:ffff Pure DigitalDakota
gspca_sunplus 052b:1513 Megapix V4
gspca_sunplus 052b:1803 MegaImage VI
gspca_sunplus 0546:3155 Polaroid PDC3070
gspca_sunplus 0546:3191 Polaroid Ion 80
gspca_sunplus 0546:3273 Polaroid PDC2030
gspca_sunplus 055f:c211 Kowa Bs888e Microcamera
gspca_sunplus 055f:c230 Mustek Digicam 330K
gspca_sunplus 055f:c232 Mustek MDC3500
gspca_sunplus 055f:c360 Mustek DV4000 Mpeg4
gspca_sunplus 055f:c420 Mustek gSmart Mini 2
gspca_sunplus 055f:c430 Mustek Gsmart LCD 2
gspca_sunplus 055f:c440 Mustek DV 3000
gspca_sunplus 055f:c520 Mustek gSmart Mini 3
gspca_sunplus 055f:c530 Mustek Gsmart LCD 3
gspca_sunplus 055f:c540 Gsmart D30
gspca_sunplus 055f:c630 Mustek MDC4000
gspca_sunplus 055f:c650 Mustek MDC5500Z
gspca_sunplus 05da:1018 Digital Dream Enigma 1.3
gspca_sunplus 06d6:0031 Trust 610 LCD PowerC@m Zoom
gspca_sunplus 0733:1311 Digital Dream Epsilon 1.3
gspca_sunplus 0733:1314 Mercury 2.1MEG Deluxe Classic Cam
gspca_sunplus 0733:2211 Jenoptik jdc 21 LCD
gspca_sunplus 0733:2221 Mercury Digital Pro 3.1p
gspca_sunplus 0733:3261 Concord 3045 spca536a
gspca_sunplus 0733:3281 Cyberpix S550V
gspca_sunplus 08ca:0104 Aiptek PocketDVII 1.3
gspca_sunplus 08ca:0106 Aiptek Pocket DV3100+
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2008 Aiptek Mini PenCam 2 M
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2010 Aiptek PocketCam 3M
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2016 Aiptek PocketCam 2 Mega
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2018 Aiptek Pencam SD 2M
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2020 Aiptek Slim 3000F
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2022 Aiptek Slim 3200
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2024 Aiptek DV3500 Mpeg4
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2028 Aiptek PocketCam4M
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2040 Aiptek PocketDV4100M
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2042 Aiptek PocketDV5100
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2050 Medion MD 41437
gspca_sunplus 08ca:2060 Aiptek PocketDV5300
gspca_sunplus 0d64:0303 Sunplus FashionCam DXG
gspca_t613 17a1:0128 TASCORP JPEG Webcam, NGS Cyclops
gspca_tv8532 046d:0920 QC Express
gspca_tv8532 046d:0921 Labtec Webcam
gspca_tv8532 0545:808b Veo Stingray
gspca_tv8532 0545:8333 Veo Stingray
gspca_tv8532 0923:010f ICM532 cams
gspca_vc032x 041e:405b Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra (VC0130)
gspca_vc032x 046d:0892 Logitech Orbicam
gspca_vc032x 046d:0896 Logitech Orbicam
gspca_vc032x 046d:0897 Logitech QuickCam for Dell notebooks
gspca_vc032x 0ac8:0321 Vimicro generic vc0321
gspca_vc032x 0ac8:0323 Vimicro Vc0323
gspca_vc032x 0ac8:0328 A4Tech PK-130MG
gspca_vc032x 0ac8:c001 Sony embedded vimicro
gspca_vc032x 0ac8:c002 Sony embedded vimicro
gspca_vc032x 0ac8:c301 Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium
gspca_vc032x 15b8:6001 HP 2.0 Megapixel
gspca_vc032x 15b8:6002 HP 2.0 Megapixel rz406aa
gspca_vc032x 17ef:4802 Lenovo Vc0323+MI1310_SOC
gspca_zc3xx 041e:041e Creative WebCam Live!
gspca_zc3xx 041e:4017 Creative Webcam Mobile PD1090
gspca_zc3xx 041e:401c Creative NX
gspca_zc3xx 041e:401e Creative Nx Pro
gspca_zc3xx 041e:401f Creative Webcam Notebook PD1171
gspca_zc3xx 041e:4029 Creative WebCam Vista Pro
gspca_zc3xx 041e:4034 Creative Instant P0620
gspca_zc3xx 041e:4035 Creative Instant P0620D
gspca_zc3xx 041e:4036 Creative Live !
gspca_zc3xx 041e:403a Creative Nx Pro 2
gspca_zc3xx 041e:4051 Creative Live!Cam Notebook Pro (VF0250)
gspca_zc3xx 041e:4053 Creative Live!Cam Video IM
gspca_zc3xx 0458:7007 Genius VideoCam V2
gspca_zc3xx 0458:700c Genius VideoCam V3
gspca_zc3xx 0458:700f Genius VideoCam Web V2
gspca_zc3xx 0461:0a00 MicroInnovation WebCam320
gspca_zc3xx 046d:089d Logitech QuickCam E2500
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08a0 Logitech QC IM
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08a1 Logitech QC IM 0x08A1 +sound
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08a2 Labtec Webcam Pro
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08a3 Logitech QC Chat
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08a6 Logitech QCim
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08a7 Logitech QuickCam Image
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08a9 Logitech Notebook Deluxe
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08aa Labtec Webcam Notebook
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08ac Logitech QuickCam Cool
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08ad Logitech QCCommunicate STX
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08ae Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08af Logitech QuickCam Cool
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08b9 Logitech QC IM ???
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08d7 Logitech QCam STX
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08d8 Logitech Notebook Deluxe
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08d9 Logitech QuickCam IM/Connect
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08da Logitech QuickCam Messenger
gspca_zc3xx 046d:08dd Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks
gspca_zc3xx 0471:0325 Philips SPC 200 NC
gspca_zc3xx 0471:0326 Philips SPC 300 NC
gspca_zc3xx 0471:032d Philips SPC 210 NC
gspca_zc3xx 0471:032e Philips SPC 315 NC
gspca_zc3xx 055f:c005 Mustek Wcam300A
gspca_zc3xx 055f:d003 Mustek WCam300A
gspca_zc3xx 055f:d004 Mustek WCam300 AN
gspca_zc3xx 0698:2003 CTX M730V built in
gspca_zc3xx 0ac8:0302 Z-star Vimicro zc0302
gspca_zc3xx 0ac8:301b Z-Star zc301b
gspca_zc3xx 0ac8:303b Vimicro 0x303b
gspca_zc3xx 0ac8:305b Z-star Vimicro zc0305b
gspca_zc3xx 0ac8:307b Ldlc VC302+Ov7620
gspca_zc3xx 10fd:0128 Typhoon Webshot II USB 300k 0x0128
gspca_zc3xx 10fd:8050 Typhoon Webshot II USB 300k