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==Required software==
==Required software==

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Card information

This card is a clone of Twinhan VP-1030A PCTV Sat CI card.

So far the difference are:

  • different sticker on tuner
  • Firmware returns a "DST-CI" identifier instead of the "DSTMCI" identifier returned by VP-1030A firmware


  • Sat input
  • CI connector for CAM module
  • Internal 8 pins connector (unknown purpose. Anyone knows ?)
  • Internal sat output

Hercules smart sat front.jpg Hercules smart sat rear.jpg

Required software

  • Linux kernel 2.6.9 or greater
  • patch for dst_ca.c (See mailing list archive)
  • Load dst_ca module

So far:

  • driver is still in development.
  • dst_ca API is not yet frozen.
  • no real dvb application (like vdr or xine) support this new API.

CAM tests

CAM tests on Hercules Smart TV Satellite
Type HW version Firmware version Results
SCM Red Viacess 1.0 1.06 Working, but random failures are observed
Aston Dual ? ? Not working