Honestech Vidbox NW07

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The honestech VIDBOX NW07 is the USB analog video grabber device that comes with the honestech VIDBOX for Mac pack. It has three female RCA input connectors for video and stereo audio, a female 4-pin mini-DIN female socket for S-Video, as well as a USB mini-B socket.


The 76x54 mm PCB is labelled "NW-07-EM28284 EV1.0" and "2014-10-23" and carries only two integrated circuits:

  • U3 is labelled "eMPIA EM28284 KCR28085.1 1349 AK-02E" (USB grabber)
  • U5 is labelled "24C32WP ST B425K" (2-wire serial EEPROM, 4 kilobytes)

The Linux tool lsusb outputs: "ID eb1a:5188 eMPIA Technology, Inc."

Linux support status

Linux kernel 3.11 (tested on openSUSE 13.1) does not load any driver when this device is plugged in.

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